Just saw this tonight 😡


Is this mold?? :rage:

olny this little bit. Getting ready to tak her down.


Yes and the brown leaves point the way


The rest looks ok… i think its about time she comes down to save the rest. Lower trichomes are cloudy enough i think.


I’m an outdoor grower and I come across bud rot a lot. Normally I Just snip that bud, cut that section off and soak it in a peroxide water mix. Then dry as normal.


I highly recommend washing the buds as @bruinsfan33 Said it’s amazing even in a clean environment how much crud still comes off I wash every harvest regardless


I’ve been preaching this for the last year lol.

That’s one plant; indoor with sunny days outside.


Cool! Whats the ratios of peroxide to water?


1 cup in 5 gallons, soak for approx 6 minutes. Rinse with a hose and hang dry before putting in your drying area.

You’ll be amazed at how the plant smells when it comes out of the peroxide and the finished bud will stay a pleasing green for months longer than otherwise. I always wonder if there is a small amount of mildew continuing in untreated cannabis…


Thanks, ill give it a try.


I was very nervous about putting my new, first, hard earned harvest in a bucket of water (even with hydrogen peroxide) but I did it because @Myfriendis410 recommended it. I don’t know if it helped but it certainly did not hurt anything and I plan on giving all of my harvested bud a peroxide rinse. I will likely start spraying my plants with a more dilute peroxide water during flower to prevent mold and mildew as well.

@Myfriendis410 (nor anyone else on the forum) has steered me wrong.


@Myfriendis410, is there any merit (or problem) with gently massaging the buds while in the peroxide bath? The idea in my head is to work the peroxide into the buds to kill any little bits of mold or mildew that might be hiding deep in the colas. If I do this, should I then massage rinse water into the buds to get rid of residual peroxide?


@Hogmaster is there any impact on the plants in regards to trichomes, or any additional care needed for drying or curing? Looks like a good and never considered this.

The only thing that concerns me is the high humidity environment I am in may impact the dry and cure if I were to soak/wash them


I wouldn’t do that, touching the buds will cause damage to the tricomes. Softly spinning the buds in the mixture will work just fine.


Like @Aolelon said for sure you don’t need to beat them around In my experience they actually dry faster if you wash them but that’s mine it’s different for everyone


Thx, that is good to know, @Aolelon. Gentle swishing? Or just let them soak quietly?


Just dip them, spin them a couple times, or dip and slightly shake from side to side, I wouldn’t do anything to cause too big of a wake though.
If using peroxide, I would def have a rinse bath too. Without just for that added measure.
Another member uses hot water, baking soda, and lemon juice and says it works wonders.


That is what I did on my first harvest. I may have been a bit too rough with them, though.


Yea you’re only just rinsing stuff off, no need to get too rough with them. Good luck!



Yes it is. Get rid of it.


Yeah; you don’t want to get rough with your harvest but I immerse and jiggle the bucket to break bubbles loose. 6 minutes should be adequate to penetrate most areas that mold can get to and I rinse with the shower setting on my garden hose. Drip dry on a string under the pavilion outside and then on to the drying rack.

You want to keep the plant material in the solution long enough for it to get wherever it can.