Just recieved NY Diesel from ilgm and need help making sure i have all the right nutes

I have ffof and the foxfarm trio nutes but I was reading and the info said I also needed macro and micro nutes. One may be a foliar. Is this necessary and if so can someone please tell me what the names of the products I need to get.

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Calmag is also a very helpful ‘nute’ to have. Also not really nutes but a good pH PPM EC reader and pH up and pH down are mandatory

The soil you are using has everything the plant needs all the way through veg and into flower. It’s actually a little hot for seedlings so start in something neutral like coco. I don’t use any veg nutes in soil and wait until I’m in flower before starting a nutrient regimen.

If your tap water TDS is higher than about 300 ppm you probably won’t need cal mag either.

The most important thing you can do is use a good digital PH meter to check and adjust PH to your proper range.


Thanks I got the ph up and down meter plus the actual solutions. So I should be ok thanks a million.


Never used coco but a buddy of mine uses it so I will get him to come for some tasting of his smoke and mine and have him show me step by step for the first seed. Thank you for your help I was very confused.

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Get a grow book Can download the one on this site. Good general information.

Do NOT follow the nutes mfg schedule. I killed many plants trying to make them follow the schedules.

Start very low…30% of schedule. Keep percentage of Micro, Grow and Bloom same but start slow.
Add nutes as Ladies indicate. Burn them once and might as well start over.

Add nutes to water…adjust ph to 6.5 for soil and 5.8 for hydro. Check daily…it will move.

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