Just received my upgraded Light Rail

Just got in a new rail. Went with a 4.20 this time. Adjustable speed and hover times. I took the 3.0 down for the last experiment and said screw it I’ll upgrade since down. They work great for light bill. Also allows smaller lights since gives about 30% boost to coverage and stops hotspots with bigger lights.

For a sog or scrog they would be amazing. My first sog starting now. Usually just go about 4 in 20 gal. Have 8 gg4 clones in 2 gallon. Got a couple hotspots on little girls before i put rails back up. Running 2 400 watt lights with 45 degree swivels. You can see the ouchie. Here is new mother i dropped last night repotting to a 20…sigh. Maybe she will recover…maybe not. Ill just cut that stalk off if it doesnt come back and superveg her.


Those bars seem pretty cool, I’ve checked them out and might get me one or three once I get my growroom built, I don’t have space big enough to need it.

Lookin good :+1:

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@MeEasy Thank You.that broke stem i removed. Gg4. Afraid she will turn. Just pulled a sister branch up and ill rebuild her structure. Man i love the grow more than the harvest.


I’m the same way, I don’t even smoke anymore I just grow for the challenge and fun. Of course the family loves that I still grow because most of them smoke


??? OK yes the “grow” Yes I enjoy it reasons why I am not sitting on my butt all day doing little. Now I get to exercise going up and down two level stairs, get to use my night vision as I walk to the tent. My anger issues get worked out by killing Fungus gnats. My garden fix is in worrking on those plants every day.


@spudeater65 Doesn’t night vision use ir light :thinking: this kind of interruption during the plants nap time can cause them to herm

I make Joke GI HaHa My Humor sometimes doesn’t transfer in here. I mean our own eyeballs night vision we adjust my basement is dark like night when I go down Tent is the only place of light until I unzip flap. Then I see.