Just putting it out there

Auto white widow 45 days in


Nice looking plants! All downhill from here. Around 8 weeks to go?

@New_to_the_game, lovin the “Let’s Do This” buckets. Hope my WW get that nice. My first grow resulted in tiny plants.

My first WWA…


Woohoo looking good
Welcome to the forum @New_to_the_game

I just put them in miracle grow and water once a day and never look back

Yes approx 8 weeks left

Thanks I am sure they will be fine. They just kinda take care of themselves, water on times once a day

Still using miracle grow and water once a day

Looks like maybe she forgot to drink some water and got dehydrated, so sorry

Someone else thought overwatering. I just chalk it up to good ole incompetence. No direct issues. But a constant buildup and slow agonizing death. Should have put her outta her misery weeks ago. :sob::sob: