JUST PUT RUNTZ AUTO in dirt i think i already done messed em up tho

Alright and yeah normally I would have them in solo cups, but this time I used a seedling tray. They were doing okay and then I watered them and sprayed the dome and closed the vent and for a solid 4-5 days they were thriving the temp was 98-101 and I didn’t need to water or anything cuz the humidity in the dome was substantially high enough that I didn’t need to mess with it. At about day 3-4 the soil started drying out a bit too much but the seedling were now about 4 inches tall with 4-5 nodes, so I figured I’d take the dome off and et them get some fresh air and the temps dropped to about 84 and after a few hours after the last time I checked them, they were shriveled up. It doesn’t make sense to me but now they’re struggling to bounce back. @dbrn32

Sounds like your light is to close mate I start mine on a 260 xl at 32 inches at 40% with no dome next time you remove the dome raise the light by like 10inches worse case scenario they start stretching and you need to lower the light later

I moved 3 of them to solo cups and left 3 of them on the germ tray and put 5 more in red solo cups and hve it at 80 degrees 40% and i put them in the dirt yesterday and they all mostly popped through today. and the light is about 30 inches above them

@Hellraiser @dbrn32 yall ever use veg+bloom? tap/hard mix, the guy at the hydro store i went to said i should use it every time even if im using happy frog and ocean forest… also he said ill need to add nutrients i have the fox farms trio pack do you recommend that?

Guy from the hydro store has no idea what he’s talking about. Don’t give nutes to seedlings. If you are using FF happy frog you shouldn’t need to add nutez for a long time 5-6 weeks maybe.
Do you have pictures of your plants.

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lol yeah thats what i figured he told me to use it from the jump which i didnt cuz i just felt like it sounded like too much, ill prolly wait till a week or two after i transfer them from the red solos into the 3 gal which will probably be their final home at least for the autos i may jump up to a 5 gal for the photos. Ill get some pics in a little bit…

In soil like that you should be good on nutrients for a little while. Once you do start feeding, frequency you need to feed vs water will probably depend on the concentration yoi are feeding and rate at which your pots dry out. I have never used veg+bloom, but it sounds like maybe he was giving you directions for soilless grow.

No, never heard of it. I used Advanced Nutrients forever and recently moved to Jacks.

Pictures I’ve never seen MJ a plant 4in tall with 4-5 nodes.

Happy frog is a little closer to 3-4 weeks. You’re thinking ocean forest. If you spend two weeks in a solo cup then go into a larger pot of fresh happy frog that does start over. So then it’s potentially 5-6 weeks. I start feed in happy frog pretty quickly. After first week. not nearly as hot as ocean forest which is known to burn baby tips, not enough to slow them tho.