JUST PUT RUNTZ AUTO in dirt i think i already done messed em up tho

had the seeds in water for like 36 hours (i forgot about them, i know great start, right?) So then last night i figurerd i should prolly take them out so i did but i transferred straight into wet Happy Frog soil in a germ dome. Yall think ill be okay? I have an HLG 100w about 8in over them … temp has been hanging around 90 humidity around 60-70

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also theyve the tap root grew about a 1/8-1/4 inch since i put them into the dirt

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I would probably take domes off and let them soak up some of that moisture. Should be alright though maybe delayed the sprouting. Seedlings can’t handle excessive water they will drown.

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alright bet, fingers crossed lol they definitely are trying to poke through to the light tho, should i keep the light on constantly ya think?

Some people run lights 24/7 on seedlings I personally don’t. Let’s ask for some more opinions @dbrn32 @budz

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word yeah normally i would do 18/6 but im thinking cuz i left them in water too long i should maybe do 3-4 days 24 on

I start seeds on 24 hour light schedule. Nothing wrong with doing so.


My seedling and clones both run 24/0 for two weeks

Usually depending on the warmth of room and all 2 to 10 days for seeds to sprout after being buried. Itll be ok try and get some warmth by the pots and get the top of soil a touch warmer than norm and it will help the germ rate a bit faster. I always use a heat pad under a plate and have the seeds get nice and warm and 24 hrs have tP and some even can take the whole shell off the seed pretty cool looking stuff there. Once buried id leave and not mess woth so u dont break the fragile tap root.

Light way too close which is also making it too hot, don’t want to cook sprouts, move light up to 20" at least which should also help with temps at the plant level.

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Ok, i may have been lying tbh, I have the light about 6-8 inches above the dome which puts it another 6 inches or so from the soil line so it’s about 16-20 in away.

Now I think I have a problem, I opened the bag of FFHF about a month ago and its been tied up tied with something on top to keep it as sealed as I can get it BUT its seems gnats may have homed in it. I just put the soil in the dome and there were a 2 lil fruit flys or something flying around later that day. This morning i went to mess with the dirt the seeds are in to see how wet it was still and upon moving it around i saw anther lil gnat looking thing., any suggestions? @dbrn32 @Hellraiser @ConcreteBudz @Mark0427 @Budz

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I just assume all potting soil is going to have gnats. Opened a new bag of Happy Frog a few weeks back and saw a couple fungus gnats fly out of it, great now I’m importing fungus gnats LOL.

Nice thing about fungus gnats is that they are pretty easy to control and get rid of. Most use BTI or Mosquito Bits (corn kernels covered in BTI), if you have a lot of them, can use yellow sticky straps to reduce the population while the BTI kills the larvae in the soil and stops their life cycle. Can also sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on top of the soil to kill off the surface crawlers.


For the few I’ve had to deal with I use diatomaceous earth by itself. Food grade. Usually on the tent floors. Does a great job. I also will purposely leave soda cans near by with DE on top of the cans. Anything that lands on or walks through the DE will die. And them gnats can’t resist a day old twisted tea.


Hellraiser has you set. Bti and sticky traps are way to go in my opinion as well. I also agree that where you have soil, there will likely be gnats if not treated.


Alright yall, so my fears were for nil! Them puppies are coming along great! I’ll try to get ome pics on here later on… They’re about an inch above soil now and half inch spread, Down to 4 Runts Auto (one of them is barely hanging on) and 5 White Widow Auto that i always seem to have great luck with! Thanks for all your help everyone!! @dbrn32 @Mark0427 @ConcreteBudz @Hellraiser @Budz


hey guys so i guess i messed up smh… the plants were doing really well so i figured maybe id take the dome off for the afternnoon and boy did these puppies shrivel up!! one turned brown too but i put the dome back on and have the temp at about a hundred and they seem to be bouncing back any recomendations on what to do ? @Hellraiser @dbrn32

Also for now on before I do ANYthing i plan on getting on here first and asking lol

Way too hot, try to get temps near 80F. Should not need domes at this point or any point really - I’ve been growing for 30 years and never used a dome for a seedling so not sure why your sprouts would shrivel up when the dome was removed unless you still had temps at 100, too much heat, light too close or something, really sounds like you are making a very hostile environment for your plants.


I think Hellraiser nailed on head