Just purchased hlg 600rspec, need advice

I just purchased the hlg 600 rspec and I need advice on hanging height and intensity… I was reading online that for autos it should stay around 48” at 50% for the entire grow. Is this true? The plants are not in a tent but in a normal size bedroom if that makes a difference

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Not sure where you read that but I’m currently growing 6 Autos with the HLG 600 RSPEC and the light has been about 24" above the canopy. Its a bit higher than that now as I can’t go adjust for a couple weeks. It started at about 25% and at about 5.5 weeks its at about 80%.

This is what they look like;


I run mine about 24 inches above the canopy at around 40% for small seedlings,then about 80% for the rest of the grow.


@emgoldslo just curious, how many plants max could I grow under this light in a 5x5?



I use to grow 4 photos in 15 gallon planters in my 5x5… I changes over to 5 gallon AutoPots (spring pots) and I am running 6. This is my first grow with the AutoPots. It could be pushed to 8 plants kept smaller or under as SOG but I like the extra room to keep the airflow moving so for me 6 is max.

I also run the HLG UVA 30 during flower and have found my buds frostier than before using it.

The 3 solo cups will be moved out of there in a couple weeks. Just waiting for gender test results before the females get moved into the veg tent.


24 inches seems about perfect height. Maybe 30 if seedlings and intensity is over 50%.

And a good rule of thumb, most plants get to about 2x2 if kept managable and grown properly. U could ‘squeeze’ 6 decent sized’ or 8-10 smaller 2-3 gallon pot sized plants in there. Just depends on ur grow style/ training/ potsize.


2. =140
3. =250
4. =340
5. =420 :grin:
6. =507
7. =565
8. =605
9. =605

That’s what the dial settings are on my 600rspec. Those are watts measured with a kilowatt meter.


@emgoldslo can you tag me into your grow in the cc. I am following. but so far behind I am lost for who is who in there now. :grin:

@RandyWatson you can get a ppfd meter app for your phone free that is pretty accurate to help too :grin: