Just planted seedling

Just planted my first bubblegum seedling yesterday a d I’m wondering how long before it pops out of the soil and what light cycle should I use

If in soil, I’d give it up to a week. Light needs to be on 24/0.


Oh ok see I got it on 18 and 6 but I’m at work I will keep it on 24 0 once I get home

But once it comes out the ground what do I change it to 18 and 6

Opinions vary, I usually wait 10 days after sprout. At this point, they want a stable environment.


So 10 days after sprout change it to 18 and 6?

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Typically, yes.

Ok thanks

@Grizz718 @Zee has you covered good luck with your grow. I am growing a Bubble Gum also just water it lightly about 5ml and place a clear dome over it (mist the inside of the dome) to keep up the humidity couple of times a day

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Ok thanks this is my first grow

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@Grizz718 Here is a pic of my Bubble gum plant sprouted on 7/10/2020

U planted that on the 8th of this month and that’s how much it grew in 8 days? Nice

Did you germinate it first or did you put in the dirt water it and use a humidity dome?

Because I didn’t germinate first. I used a method that my buddy who has been growing for 10 years does. He just puts the seed in the middle of the pot about fingernail length deep and then he waters and puts a humidity dome over the spot he planted until it sprouts

Did you get your seeds from this site?

@Grizz718 I germinated in a cup of room temp water for 24 hours until the seed split open them put in a wet paper towel inside a zip lock bag in the dark till it got a tap root. Some people do it that way like your friend. Yes i got the mix package from ILGM (jack herr, og kush and bubble gum) I tried 2 of the OG Kush but neither one germinated.

I got the beginner mixpack bubblegum, ak47 and White widow plus I got 5 gold leaf seeds for 40 dollars

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Hey Zee how is your bubblegum plants doing? Got any pics?