Just pics, figured out the magnifier today


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Sup fellas, how the day treat you? Anyway, played around with the magnifier and took some pics. Sorry for the wait had to edit a few times.


So this is the little guy. The leaf that had the shell on it is still pretty curled up. The plant itself is recovering but kinda scared to be honest. This is the plant that made me ask about the dwarfs. Autos have a short period where they stretch right? Not now I mean in like a week or so, they’ll grow taller really quick and then that’s about it right?


This is the guy I had to bury. It’s coming along, thanks a lot for your advice.


This is the one I hit with the cord and lost a leaf. Are the first to leaves to open up important? Also when they want to be watered is one of the symptoms curling fan leaves? This morning before watering that one leaf was curled, when I checked on em after work On my way to class it was still curled. I sprayed it and came back now and they were all pointing outward. Other than that, no complaints. Seen a mite with the magnifier so will add a lot more to parameter like you told me.

If you guys see anything that I should know about let me know. Have a good one.

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Wk 3 pics of the grow

Should I be trying to adjust the ph of pots? What I’ve been doing is putting a vase full of water in the tent and wait a day and use that water for my plants until it’s gone and repeat the process. I refil every other day - day and a half. Or should I hold off until I actually start feeding it Nutes? I seen a cal-mag post but too much to read rn(short break at school). When do I use it? Also will I have to counteract the DE later on in the lifecycle?


Hey. They look great. Stop calling them guys. That’s the last thing u want. And I’m not a guy either but I won’t hermie on u don’t worry.

Right now just let them grow. Only water them when they are dry and don’t over water then. The worst thing u can do right now is love them to death.


Normally if you have around 5 true sets of leaves by 12-14 days, you’re doing pretty good


@WTAllah when the lights are on avoid spraying water on the leaves at all costs. Those beads of water will act as magnifying glasses and burn spots into your leaves.
Do allow you growing medium to dry out in between watering. Your plant might get a little wilty, but that’s ok she’s just letting you know she needs water. The finger check into the soil is a great way to know when it needs water. If it still feels moist, it’s still ok.
Autos have a very short veg period. During that period, they’ll do a lot of growing. You will see pistils eventually, and she will continue give you some height, but flowering the whole time. She probably will remain around the 3-4ft mark. (1 meter- 1.25 meter) I hope this helps. If I missed something let me know.


Ok thanks, and I apologize


Thanks alot


No worries @WTAllah that’s what we are here for.


No apologies. We all want u to have the best plants possible.