Just ordered some seeds no answer

Hello all this will be my second grow and I just ordered 1- baking mix pack and 1- blue mix pack both from ILGM and I got the one email but still no confrontation on the shipping or anything it still says processing it been about a week now.

You will get a confirmation, not a confrontation from ILGM if you entered all your payment info correctly.
I have ordered from several seed houses and these folks are top shelf, bar none!


When I ordered just recently I received many emails. Stating when shipped. Took just under 2 weeks. I’m in USA , other countries may take longer.

Probably hard to get a confrontation considering the type of business

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Confirmation yous all knew what I meant and I’ve ordered from them before and no problems but still no emails from them yet but money was taken.

Yes, knew what you meant, couldn’t resist. Just messing with you. If you are concerned about your seed order email ILGM and give them your order number and just ask what the status is. They will respond pretty quick. I’m sure there are still some delays all caused by this covid.

Sent them an email 2 days ago still nothing

I’d give it a good 2 to 3 weeks. It takes time

My personal experience has always been a response in 24 to 48 hours after emailing them. 2 to 3 weeks and no response doesn’t sound right.
I am probably the most OCD person I know and this company, ILGM, has made me feel most comfortable ordering seeds. I have ordered from other seed companies and individual seed breeders looking for obscure strains. I have waited as much as 8 weeks to receive seeds from some of these other experts. Needless to say my nerves have been stretched beyond my limits with other seed banks but never ILGM.
My wife says I have turned into a seed whore. I have been growing commercial for over a year and am fascinated with finding more strains, just cause I love this hobby.
Please contact one of the moderators on this website and ask them to contact support. It will all work out and get resolved.

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Sounds like a communication issue to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find out that your email never sent. I thought I sent an email recently and was a little bothered by the non response and looked in my sent box and found an error message that it never sent. Hope it all works out for you.

Check spam folder.

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