Just noticed this while watering

What kind of deficiency is this?

Is the number on your meter the PH, if so it is a bit high at 7.8 and probably locking nutrients out of your plants…


Theyre in supersoil which i thought your just supposed to water and not have to worry about PH adjustment…im so confused.

I agree with @Ron330 probably ph lockout if your water ph is 7.8 going in. Although I don’t have experience with supersoil. I think supersoil helps feed the plant through its nutrients but
I don’t know that it controls ph for you. Perhaps we can get some more seasoned then me opinions! @Enlightened420 @Cannabian @Zee @Missiles Stay Safe and Lit My Friends! Have a great Monday everyone! :fire::v:

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Yes tag ALLL the ppls!

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Also I dont want to kill the microbes in my soil so is there an organic PH down baking soda or something I read.

Link to proper ph guide and what about organic ph up/down.

You are in supersoil? Straight supersoil? And you say your water is 7.8 ph? You should adjust your water ph if its that high. Cannabis preference is slightly acid and thats the wrong way. Can you water to about 2 liters or so of run off and check the ph of your run off?

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Bottom half subcool supersoil top half happy frog. Is there a way to bring PH down without killing the microbes?

Get some citric acid crystals. Most grocery stores have them in the canning aisle.

Ok so once i do that what next I just watered them yesterday. Just so lost with this lol.

It doesn’t take a lot to drop the ph. Just add a small pinch and mix it. Then test. Add more if needed. You’re just trying to get between 6.5-7.0 You’ll need to wait until she dries out a little bit before watering again.

Yea that water had been aerated, treated with solution to take out chloramine/ chlorine, and cal-mag added.

Be careful with the water treatment. The one I used also removed heavy metals and caused iron deficiencies so I had to stop using it. Chlorine you can gas off but not chloramine so if your water contains chloramine, you may want to switch to RO water if the conditioner starts causing problems

Ok ill take pics for you when i get home so you can see what I mean.

Would epsom salt work? @Bobbydigital

That’ll be giving the plants some magnesium that may not be needed in super soil. And not sure how much it drives down ph.

Just trying to use what i have on hand already. Spending 100+ on soil + amemdments you know what i mean. But if citric acid is the way to go i cant complain.

It really is. And it’s cheap and will last a long time.

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I use Grapefruit juice from our tree.