Just need to know if I got everything

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Maybe not everything, but it looks like a really good start :thumbsup:

  • best of luck!
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Whats missing? :confused:

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Im growing in soil but if hydro is anything like it you will never stop finding more things to buy . Once you get everything you actually need then the oh wow I want that stage will begin and before that is over you will go back into the need phase again . It’s like just one vicious circle welcome to the fun


I would suggest you get something like this to test your Ph,…also, same style for TDS testing…


I see a lot of good things for a really good start but @Oldstoner is correct you have a long ways to go grasshopper and I only say that with good judgment and a lot of laughs, because it’s addicting and you will grow fonder and fonder of helping your ladies get to where you want them to be, because medicine is only as good as your medicine and that’s only as good as the amount of the time you’re going to put into it… Hope I’m making sense… I’m on one right now…:joy:… I think you’re going to have a lot of really good smoke just by the amount of effort you’re putting into it now…



Thanks everyone! I smoke shitty stuff dealers are giving around nowadays, it does the job though. I just want to see my lovely ladies grow, I have seen my mates and they’re just so damn gorgeous. I want to grow quality plants but just waiting on my seeds.

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I know alot more then what I started off with lol, but im just curious on when to put the nutrients and all that in, where does this ph up and down go? Idk what these blossom tabs are, and I dont know when to put the nutrients in.
If im confusing heres an easy way to put it

  1. When do I put in my nutrients and at what stage?
  2. Where does this ph up and down go and at what stage?
  3. What do I do with these blossom tabs?
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the Ph up and down usually goes in your water… every time…it is used to adjust the Ph in your water so that you can control the Ph at your roots.

when to add nutes varies based on grow medium and style…generally you will not add any nutes as long as the plants still have their cotyledons…the little round leaves they came out of the ground with… they are storing nutes in them to get through the first couple weeks of growth.

I have never seen blossom tabs before…so IDK what to do with them,lol.

keep in mind, I have never grown hydro…so I may be completely full of shit on this topic…if that turns out to be the case,…please accept my apologies, lol.



Thanks for tagging me @oak I’ll try to help him out!

Ok @leftrightgnight, I’m going to try to help you out here, since I’m a hydro guy myself and should be able to help you get more comfortable with everything.

Your light is good, so is the bulb (do you have any other specs on the bulb, just curious). Is this an ebb and flow setup I assume? Regardless of your system, I’ll try to break it down for you about your nutrients and pH up and down etc.

@oak was exactly right on when you’ll eventually add nutrients. First, you’ll need to successfully germinate some seeds. Then get those seeds to sprout. After they sprout, you’ll wait a couple weeks, depending on the strain and conditions, and once your cotyledon leaves start to yellow is when you’ll want to start feeding nutrients.

Now, with that being said, you will need to be using your pH up and pH down from the day you place your germinated seed into a medium, all the way until you harvest. pH is EXTREMELY important in growing cannabis, but even more important when you’re growing in hydro. What you’ll do is just start with your water container, and fill it with water (for watering your plants), then check the pH. Since you’re growing hydro, we want the water to be in a range of 5.5-6.0. As long as you keep it in that range, your plants will be happy. So once you’ve checked the water pH, if it’s NOT in that range I just mentioned, then you’ll take your pH up or pH down, according to dropping or raising pH, and add a few drops. Then, check the pH of the water again. If it’s not in range, continue to add drops, but remember to keep checking pH also. And do it little by little, you don’t want to add too much and then need to add the opposite to bring it into range.

Now, your main concern with germinating and then planting the germinated seed, is going to be WHAT are you planting that germinated seed in? Most hydro systems need a plant to be pre grown else where, before it will be transplanted into the hydro system (check my thread “lemon Kush DWC” and “sour OG bag seed”, you’ll see what I’m talking about with pictures too!). I have been experimenting with seeds being sprouted in a bubble cloner, but I’m not 100% yet so I haven’t recommended it to anyone until I fully understand the process. You can check it out though, it’s “sprout a seed in a bubble cloner”.

And last, I have never even seen those blossom tablets before lol, so I really can’t help you out with info or advice on it. My first thought is that you would just drop that tablet into your reservoir when the time comes to start feeding your girls some blossom nutes. But, I would look it up and see what info you can find on that tablet. You might not want to use it, or maybe it’s an awesome product, I honestly don’t know lol. But what I do know, is that with hydro you usually want to know EXACTLY how much of every single nutrient that you’re feeding with. I keep a detailed journal so that if a problem arises I could look back and see my notes in my journal to help my diagnosis.

I hope this helps! If you have anymore questions just ask away! Also, I recommended you get a journal and start using it once you begin germinating your seeds. It will really help you, it did for me! And if you want you can use this thread as your journal! I prefer a notebook for my own notes, but I keep a journal for my grows on here as well so that people can follow it and ask questions along the way. I like to help, to let me know if you need any dude! I got your back!


Wow, honestly ktreez, thanks heaps bro!
Got plenty of help from that!
Ill let you know if I have any more questions :slight_smile:

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I was going to germinate the seeds in rockwool and let it sit under my light, wouldnt this dry the rockwool out eventually during its sprouting phase? Because with the rockwool I also want to get the ph correct. To re wet it or whatever am I spraying it with already set ph water? Or can I just do tap? does it matter? I’m also wondering if I plant it with rockwool and just leave it with the clay pebbles will it dissolve? like will it be fine if the roots grow out of the rockwool or something? I now know heaps more about ph up n down, which made heaps more sense to things!

Roots growing out of the rockwool is a sign that your plant is maturing, so that would be a good thing. To protect from drying out and roots getting damaged from light exposure, a lot of people will wrap the rockwool in foil or Mylar (reflective material) to keep water in, and light out.

Sitting the rockwool on top of the hydroton will work, but you have to be careful with the water level. If it’s too high, the rockwool will stay drenched and cause problems. If it’s too low, the rockwool won’t get enough water and will dry out. Drying out can be very bad, but if you’re attentive to your girls you should be fine. You can mist them with a sprayer, but make sure the water has been pHed. It’s just good practice to always pH your water for any applications.


On top of the pH pen that @Oak suggested is a TDS (total dissolved soluble’s) EC (elec. condutcivey) ppm (part’s per million) pen . Your going to need this when you start feeding to know the strength of your nute solution. I’m not sure how to post a pic from Amazon up here maybe @ktreez420 or @Oak could post one for you.

As always @ktreez420
Is a wealth of information
Thank you its helps me as well
Got cold feet this week so let me ask a question ive got some gorilla glue clones coming whats best way to start them in dwc i think i know but would like to hear your thoughts


I’m assuming you’re getting those clones in a solo cup, or a small pot?

Depending on size, I would take them out of their pot, rinse off the soil, and transplant into DWC immediately. I would give them 1/4 of the recommended nutrient dosage, and make sure you have something like HydroGuard to add, as well as any root stimulators too. This is the first time they’ll be experiencing continuous water as well as oxygen. You’ll want to make sure the reservoir is at correct temp range, 62-70F.

Make sure your water level is just below the net pot, so that the splashing water will actually spray the hydroton and helps promote root growth into the reservoir. As they grow into the reservoir you can drop the water level, but you never want it lower than an inch or an inch and a half.

After a couple hours of doing the transplant make sure to check the pH of the reservoir, because it may change. Then check the pH daily. The first bucket is the most important in my eyes. If you don’t get your girls to comfortablly transition then they may die and it all could go to waste. I have complete faith in you though dude, don’t let your feet get cold haha! Remember, ask me anything you’re curious about, I hope to help you avoid any problems I faced!


:football: touchdown @ktreez420
Okay so root stimulator
And hydroguard
Got a favorite band name lol
This is my following the masters lead

Definitely hydro Guard! I think that’s a very important component to healthy plants in DWC! As far as root stimulators, I’ve only used GH Rapid Start, but I can certainly vouche for it, because it worked incredibly for me immediately. There’s a bunch out there, so I’d recommend looking into them and probably just buy the cheapest because Rapid Start is EXPENSIVE and you only get a little bottle lol. You don’t need to use much though. But I’ve always heard great things about Liquid Karma, I just haven’t done my own research on it yet so I haven’t bought it. Look around, see what you like, relay it back to me and we’ll talk about it. We’re gonna get you growing some FIRE in hydro on your first grow!


I’ve got high expectations for hydro seeing your plants

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Just bought a ph pen and also a tds pen haha, couldnt help it!