Just need some guidance

Question from a fellow grower:

Can you give me tips on what I should do to make my plant healthier, I have some nutrients I give it I have a okay light schedule it could be better and I topped it one at the top and once on the side I didn’t too the other side cause I felt like I needed to wait till my plant got out it’s “stun” phase but am I doing okay? I think I need more room for it to grow better set up a larger hydroponic system.


Your plant doesn’t look bad at all. I would agree 100% that you’ll want a larger res too. Your root mass will end up consuming pretty much entire capacity of container, not leaving much room for nutrient solution. Once that happens it’s nearly impossible to maintain ph. You’ll probably need to get some more light for plant too.

You should join the forum, lots of really good hydro growers that can help you out.