Just need some feed back

This is my first grow. These girls are Ak autos from growers choice. This is day 20. They look small to me for day 20. The smaller one seems to be a runt


They look healthy some more information would be helpful fill out a support ticket and it will make it easier to help you but your plants look great

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Ok thank you sir I will look for that to fill out

I think they look good. This is the time i start training. Top, fim, ponytail em. Get those bottom branches to see the light. Tuck the bigger fan leaves.


Gotcha. I had attempted to training one sat and broke the main branch. I need to learn a little more about lst. I was being gentle and she snapped. Broke my heart. The one I broke was the nicest one imo

Totally fine she only just hit the exponential explosive grow point heres what my autos looked like at about 4 days olders then yours ,then today( a mere 2 weeks later)