Just need an experianced growers opinion

Hey first time grower here, iv got a 600 watt dimmable HPS/MH setup on a 16/8 schedule and have a slight curling and darker color on the ends of my fan leaves , dosent seem to have affected growth because plant has doubled in size in the last week but just curiousif I should be concerned. Any advice is welcome. Love this site btw

These are the photos, sorry

Nice pics, but have a question how do u post questions? This is my first day and I just set up my accnt. But I have a question and don’t know how to post it. First, I’m a newbie first time grower and was given 2 plants in one pot. I couldn’t seperate them due to root ball being entwined. They were/are growing outdoors in a 5gallon bucket. I live in Staten Island NYC, and get gd sun. I’ve had them for 2 wks and have found out that 1 is male, the other female. They were grown from random seeds someone got from a dealer they purchased from. They are very tall with alot of spacing between nodes. My question is since I want to kill off the male, how can I successfully save some of the males pollen sacks for a long period of time? As I don’t work an cannot afford to really invest in growing the way I would like to.I’m kinda just letting nature take its course. But if it’s possible to actually get bud from the female naturally meaning no additives or additions. Just soil, sun and good ol’e tap water. I would like to do so without pollenating the female. The male has pollen sacks and the female has just started to create pistols, not enough to start a bud but beginning to form. This is my very first attempt at growing. I hope you can understand all that I wrote an offer any tips/suggestions as to what I should do. Because I also thought to just let it go an let the female get pollenated to create more seeds so I can try again. I’m so lost as to what to do, I can probably scrounge up about $50 a month to invest in this endeavor but with all the information on the internet I’m just confused. I have a private backyard and would like to continue growing there, but have no clue as to how or what to do so any help, information would be great. Ty all who respond.

Hey Romeo you should down load the grow bible and read it first. Yes you can save the pollen but the only problem is the plant is right next to female. You can put a plastic bag over the male pollen sack and knock off the pollen, you can freeze it till you need it. But if the female is flowering you might get it on them. Im hoping some one helps here with this because I’m not sure when the male flowers open in terms to the female. I would just get rid of the male now.

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Ty for the input, I have downloaded the growing e-book an will read it. My next question is can I freeze the sacs without opening them? We had heavy rains 2 nights ago an some sacs opened but more so from the bottom region. The whole top is like one big bud of pollen sacs. Can I just cut the top off or cut the pods off to save them say in a mason jar or plastic container in the freezer? And pop the pods open when I’m ready to use them.