Just My Budget Medical Grow

I bought damaged/returned washer machine drip pans off Amazon because they are cheap. One had a small crack on the lip the rest it was just the box that was damaged. I drilled drainage holes in the center.
One piece of gutter from Lowes, was around $6.
I used 1x2s for the frame since they are still reasonable priced and stronger than I need.
I used bricks I had around the house to lift the pans and gutter
Netting was from Amazon. I paid around $14 for a 10x30 and then cut it.
3000W of HPS lighting, ballasts from OfferUp around $25 each. Hoods I borrowed from a friend. Plus one 645w LED, most expensive purchase.
30A Light controller of Offerup $20. Open it and check the contacts if you are buying used.
One light over each 4x4.
Room has a portable AC unit, dehumidifier, small humidifier and a CO2 burner.
Four wall fans and then one box fan mounted below the canopy.
Room is usually around 86 degrees with CO2 burner running.
I think they are 7gal pots and reusing Coco coir.


Crafty. Time to plant some seeds.


Very nice set up!


Let’s watch’em grow!


Conduit clamps I picked up for around .56 each and a 6ft stick if conduit was under $2.
I’m not sure if porn is allowed but here goes.

August 9th seedlings went into 7gal pots.


August 22nd

August 31st

September 8th

September 11th

Things are far from perfect but it’s coming along


Oh snap your already growing beautiful plants!
Nice job
If you have some. More coco/soil top layering those plants will help protect the roots a bit.

Thank you. I tried to skip the boring stuff for everyone.

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Have you flipped them yet?

We often help growers get their footing early on, no need to struggle alone lol

I’ll grab some tomorrow. Yes, I flipped them and the stretch should be over. I forgot to mark the date of flip but have a picture record.

The seeds are some I made so a few of the plants are further along then the rest.

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When you get to see little fuzzy buttons on them it’s time to trim the leads back. Generally week 3 we say.
So your almost there.

I wish I had cloned these two. They are growing a lot faster than the others.


You could cut some still and re veg them

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Damn you got your shite together

Nice grow you’ve got going there for sure

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Thank you.

Quick timeline for reference

August 6th seedlings still in 4" pots

August 9th is when they went to the 7gal pots

August 27th +/- a day was when I flipped

September 12th all showing flowers a few look at least a week ahead of the rest

Using Jacks 321
PH has been from 5.8 in the beginning to around 6.2- 6.4 now. I don’t keep the PH perfect but it’s only small differences between watering.
Watering daily
Topped plants
Minor trimming of lower branches
Small amount of defoliation, just the big leaves about a week before flip. Then periodic maintenance defoliation/ tucking nothing major.
CO2 started around time of flip, 1100ppm
Temps are 86°F with around 57% RH most the time. Can see 89°F on a hot day


Fed with CalMag today

Also moved the lights up and did some light defoliation where I could reach



Those plants look fed just right. Difficult to do.