Just looking for some expert comments and concerns lol

Going in a green house, 50% shade. Just looking for some feed back on how they look? First time growing, 5-6ish week.


They look good to me but I’m no expert

I’ll take it lol

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they look a bit stretchy. I would be ready with some stakes/poles in case they get top heavy and need support. I am far from a pro, but I would expect more nodes at 5 weeks. But other than that, they look healthy…


More nodes? I was thinking about rolling back the shade for more sun light, heat was the issue at hand.

I agree, it’s more or less the spacing between branching. The plants do that when they are seeking light.

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More light intensity

Put an oscillating fan on them.

Almost time to transplant to bigger pots.


I’m going to roll it back the shade this morning, O even thought about moving them outside in full sun during the day? Any thoughts on this plan. I thought these pots would be plenty big but will look at bigger ones. In this picture the plants are 25” tall.

They look very healthy, but I would add a small fan to blow air on then, make them dance a little bit. It will help the stocks to thick’n up be stronger, you’ll be glad when they reach flower

Thanks a lot