Just looking for opinions on my plant. Fem/auto/blueberry



I wanted to get your opinions on the growth of the flowers.I started the grow Dec 15th, she is in week 8 at this point. I am pretty sire I have some nutrient burn and I have flushed it. The ec and ppms are balancing out now. I was only using half on the nutes, flower power.


Hello and welcome you say eight weeks but I assume you mean 8 weeks from seed, how long has it been in flower?


It started to flower January 17th or that is my best guess as to when it started. So flowering for about 4 weeks.


Looks to be a little nitrogen toxic And being said it would be potassium and calcium defecient but @garrigan62 whats your opinion


I am pretty sure that I overdid the nitrogen. The soil I used had nitrogen in it and I added nitrogen to the initial grow. The flower power bloom booster I used was high in potassium, not sure about calcium though. I haven’t used much fertilizer. I have only used it 3 times the entire time and only at half the rate. I think the soil I used was just a little to harsh.


Your plant is beautiful looks like you’re going to have some massive yields good looking light as soon as you figure out your nutrient problem I think you will be golden you have a beautiful girl there good luck and happy growing


Thanks. I she is doing ok despite the nutrient issue. Hopefully the yield is good, it is a pretty full plant.


Just continue to feed her good pH water for at least 2 more weeks and see how she goes from there …because if you are nutrient toxic you want to back that down some and the only way to do that besides flushing your plant and starting over which would mean a little bit of a pain in the butt and your plant being a little angry …stop giving nutes and just pH water and you should be good to go… :wink:

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