Just looking for a second opinion on topping these

I’m just trying to figure out whether or not I should top these once more or leave them? These were put in the ground after the back one became root bound. The two at the front are a bubba kush shorter one on the right, and Humboldts blue dream on the left and just recovering in the back. I’m just leaving the back one alone obviously, with the exception of some nessasary pruning to get rid of any remaining dead foliage. However this is the beginning of the third week since putting them in the ground so any shock has certainly passed by now. I think, being as I was told that it’s safe to top up to a month before the equinox which is the end of September I believe, that I probably should top the tallest branches on the front two and figure out a way to LST them again now that can’t tie off to the supports on the pots. Maybe tent pegs for that? As you can probably guess this is my second outdoor season and I’m still learning and getting the scheduling down. I’m concerned that if I don’t top the left blue dream will blow up in flower and outgrow the height of the greenhouse. I would appreciate any advice on this matter. I’m hoping that with another topping or if possible two it will keep the height in check and bush out a bit more. Again I appreciate your experience with this. Thank you.


Depending on your pot material, you could drill holes in the pot to tie the tops down, and then the rest will bush out.
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Apologies, I must not have been clear about the situation. I apologize. The situation is that I had to remove them and plant them directly into the ground. With that said they have recovered from the various issues and now, knowing the average time left to harvest as well as the amount of time left before it starts to transition to flower, is additional to topping to these plants the best thing I could do next? Or should I resume the lst from before they were planted in the ground? I’m concerned about the finishing height by harvest and if they will outgrow the ceiling height of the greenhouse by harvest. Especially the left side plant. It’s a blue dream that seems to lean heavily towards the sativa side of its genetics so its potential to shoot up in height during flower may be an issue


You’ve got enough time before they flower. You can also super crop them. I waited to long once and had to build a bigger greenhouse over my little greenhouse and then disassemble the little one. All of it during the stretch. I still ended up super cropping about 3 weeks into flowering


Maybe start with some LST. We like tonuse string and tie them down to wire around the exyerior of the soil.
I agree with @plumbdand.
You may have to even do some super cropping a few weeks into flower. Kinda scary to do at first.
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Uh I have some good news and some not so good news… if those plant arent going to flower until September, you have 2 months of veg left, plus the stretch. You do not have nearly enough room, and when I say that I mean expect that Blue dream to hit 12 feet or more!
Look… I grow outdoor specifically landraces. Its the beginning of July and plants here typically begin flowering in August. That means I have at least 5 weeks of veg plus stretch. Right now mynplants are growing 2 inches a day plus or minus, my cieling is 12 feet. The plants are now 6 feet tall. Im beginning to get concerned with only 6 feet left will I get away without topping? I want massive colas and topping aint the ideal shituation if you want baseball bat colas.

This years…

Last years… and they had to be topped and bent! Now remember my greenhouse is 12 feet tall!

Blue Dream can get this big!


Sorry for the delay in responding. I had a few things come up. Ok so I’m thinking I definitely don’t have enough head space for the season to finish. I’ll top them and restart the lst the branches that had been trained are still quite workable. Then I’ll just have to hope it works. If not I’ll leave the greenhouse up for as long as possible then take it down. I may be able to rig something but for now at least thats the plan. Thank you all for your help and thoughts on the matter. Hope you are all having great grows.

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If u can do the super cropping I’d try that if done right its awsome. Just remember to be gentle when u pinch and bend. And tie it down good.

I would suggest using bamboo stakes and green tape to help stretch out and direct the plant first. That will help space the plants themselves out.

To help with maintaining the height restrictions, I would suggest pinching and bending. If you have never done this before I can explain further. If you’re nervous to try it, give it a shot on something else first. I just bent my tomatoe plant just to provide better coverage of the cage.

Once you make your adjustments, you may want to wrap your plants in trellis to provide additional support for those bent or spread. You can also direct the ladies arms through the trellis and arrange support where its needed as she grows.

Feel free to tag in on what I’ve got going on or reach out for help !

I do like the looks of your greenhouse, I’ve been learning a new grow environment this year and having issues with squirrels. I looked into similar green houses but wasnt sure about the durability or if it’s something pests would be able to get into. Wind is another major issue for me, so this may be very ideal for me. If you could link me the setup you’re working with that would be much appreciated !

Remember growing is about learning, enjoy ! :call_me_hand:t3:

So I picked up some rubber coated flex tie and some very basic metal pegs to connect to. I’ll use enough of the coated for the branches then use string to connect to the pegs. As far as super cropping goes I’ve never attempted it before. My concern is probably the same as every newbie which is breakage and unrecoverable losses. I’m going to have to do something and that definitely seems like the best of my very limited options. I’ll start my research asap. I’m currently in the greenhouse now applying the ties. Yankeedoodle, I will find a link for the greenhouse I went with. It was extremely affordable. It’s definitely not heavy so to ensure the wind didn’t take it around the block I upgraded the tent pegs they supplied with some from the local dollar store and weighted the access material around the edges of the greenhouse with bricks I had from an addition I added above the garage a few years back.


Once you pinch n roll a branch between your fingers they pretty much fall over the key is to not break the skin.

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