Just looking for a little input

So I started my first “real” grow. Running…
Tent: spider farmer 2x2
Lights: sf1000 @ 18/6 cycle
Exhaust: 4" fan w/ carbon filter
Pots 3 gal
Media: FFOF
Nutes: Prescription blend
H2O: bottled spring water
PH: between 6.3-6.8 but usually around 6.5
Temps: 75-80°F sometimes dips a little lower but nothing drastic.
Couple clip on fans.
Popped a Blueberry auto and a bag. Also just popped a NL auto. Both autos are from ILGM. I’m wondering about the purple stems. Is this a mag deficiency? How about the rest of the plant(s)? I’m pretty sure I overfed the plants. I’m only running the nutes at half strength so… yeah any help before something worse happens would be great. Thanks for checking out my grow.


Welcome to the community ! I think your plants look good, nice and healthy. The purple stem I’ve seen it numerous times nothing to worry about . (Possibly genetics)