Just like a Newborn

Hello Everyone,
I am like a Newborn baby who just entered into the world of cannabis. I read some of the topics and threads on this site…well let’s just say I need to educate myself a lot. Some of the language and terms are just words with no meaning for me right now.

Anyways, I received my seeds yesterday…I know I should of gotten a beginner kit, but they didn’t have the strains I really want to try. So I have the DEA kit, (Green Crack, LSD and Chem dawg).I downloaded ILGM’S grow bible and have created this grow journal. I would appreciate any advice and/or critiques on this journey of mine.


  • received seeds
  • created journal
  • put together indoor set up
  • Will take pictures
  • Read Grow Bible
  • Post pics and questions
    (* Not in any particular order)
    Wish me luck

Welcome to the forum! Good luck in your grow! A lot of knowledgeable people on here to help along your journey! :sunglasses::seedling::wink:


I hate when I am out of likes. last year I thought RO water was run off water. ask ask ask. everyone will help


Welcome to the forum. I read a lot on this forum and just as I am very active. Best advice if you see something you don’t know you can ask questions, Google search and also search on the forum. Long as you know you need to keep learning, you will. This can apply to anything in your life.:+1:


Welcome to ILGM forum. I know the feeling of not being completely sure of what I’m doing. Still not completely sure, but anytime you need to understand something all you have to do is ask. Lots of people with vast knowledge. Good Luck with with your grow. I’m set to watch. :+1:


Welcome @Raven71, as above.
Good vibes and good luck :v:


Welcome aboard…a lot of great people here…being new myself, just completed first experimental grow with an unknown bag seed in a closet. No tent. No special vent system. So don’t be afraid of not having everything to get started. Having said that, listen to these guys. Read the grow bible. When you get bored, lost and confused go to YouTube and watch videos. 2 I highly (no pun intended) recommended is Nevada Closet Grower. He has a 6 or 7 part video grow journal. Lots of info. The other if you are thinking growing organic is the OCGFam. Make sure you have a basic understanding or you will get lost. They are another great bunch of guys. But be warned OCGFam only deals with NECTAR FOR THE GODS line of nutes. If you decide to go that route let me know @primus and I can send you a link to get you $300 worth of NECTAR FOR THE GODS for just the cost of shipping. It’s 6 1quart bottles and a feeding schedule. That’s enough to get 2 plants through a complete cycle.


Welcome to the forum. I’m gonna tag along, if you don’t mind :v:

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Welcome and good luck!

welcome to the group have fun. I’m going to follow along

Welcome to the forum. You love that mix. Green crack is one :blush: of my favorite

Welcome aboard! you’re at the right place lot of Growers here to help you. Good luck.

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welcome to the forum

16 MAR 2020 Thank you all for the responses. I didn’t get a lot done today. I got a bunch of fruit trees for free. Someone was throwing them away!!!. Wasn’t going to walk away from that deal. I did get the tent up and read most of the bible. I figured out
that I will need a tray warmer and heater, I usually would put my veg seeds on top of the refrigerator. I don’t know if that will be warm enough.(My spare bedroom can get really cold). I am also going to pick up some soil and fertilizer/ food. The store I
am going to has: Happy Frog, Nature’s pride, Fox Farm, Miracle Grow container/raised bed and Mother Earth. I think they had some other brands but off the top of my head I can’t remember them. I just hope they are open tomorrow. What do all of you recommend
on a very small budget.

Day two:

  • Finish day one :slight_smile:

  • Warmer tray?

  • Heater

  • Soil?

  • Food/Fertilizer?

Thanks again.


Welcome to ILGM! You’re in good hands, and on the right track already. Read read read. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand. There’s no such thing as a dumb question around here. :v:

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If your on a small budget and just growing a couple plants maybe a couple.times a year then the heater or warming mat isn’t a necessity and if your going with FF happy frog or ocean you won’t need fertilizer for atleast a month. Use happy frog and not ocean if you need a general soil for all stages as ocean is slightly hotter.

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I just saw your post…I would say a lot of that depends on your budget. If money is tight, I’d say put the majority of it into your lighting (which will generate a good amount of heat, themselves!) and ventilation/circulation. You might not need a propagation tray/warmer. You can germinate your seeds on top of the cable box or something similar, like on top of your fridge like you mentioned. Same goes for a heater. You might not need it if your lighting brings the temperature up enough. If it gets too cold at night for them to be in the dark, you can always run the lights at night, and have them in the dark during the day. Power is sometimes cheaper in the early morning hours, too. You can light your sprouts and seedlings under the same lighting you plan to run the mature plants under, start to finish-like. But some run smaller lighting that uses less power for germination, too. Just depends on your space and what works best for you.

As for soil and fertilizers, depends on if you want to grow organically or using synthetic nutrients. There are pros and cons to both. Organic soil/nutrients rely on a herd of microbes in your soil to break down the nutrients into a form that plants can absorb, whereas synthetic are immediately available to the plants. If you’re buying a fairly hot organic soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest, it has enough in it to get you through the vegetative stage of growth, at least most of the way, possibly part way into flowering. Something with less in it out of the bag will require feeding sooner, obviously, but it also can give you a little more control over what you’re feeding. It mostly comes down to how hands-on you want to be, and how often. If you have the time to be in your garden more frequently, perhaps throughout the day, maybe coco coir is a better medium for you. It requires feeding right from the start, so there’s more required, more often, but the growth is also faster because of it, similar to hydroponics.

Regardless of the details of your grow, you’ll want to have a good way to measure pH of what you’re putting in, and what’s coming out, to monitor your plants’ consumption, and to help diagnose the problems you hopefully will have none of. :slight_smile: Most use a digital pH meter or pen. You want to make sure it has a way to be calibrated, and solutions to do so. You might also want a total dissolved solids meter to measure what’s in the soil, as well as the strength of what you’re adding.

Haha, and what @LoCoRock said too.


I used Mother Earth sea swell soil or something close to that name…didn’t really like it. Don’t know anything about fox farm line. Just what I have read here about it being really hot

I’ve used fox farm ocean forest and happy frog, I loved them both

I’d love that discount code if you can. If not I understand. I use humbolds secret nutrients.