Just let it grow

I’d like to know if any of you guys just let your plant do it’s own thing. Meaning, plant or transplant into a 5 gal. pot and not top, fim or train in any way. What are the results? What kind of yields? Pictures? I’m growing indoors and was curious.


In autos i really see no differences in any of it photos another story. Lst and scrog 1 plant 4x4 scrog i got just under 1lb. Doing nothing to plants but let them grow and minor defols i yielded about an oz less than the scrogged on. Ive never did scrog until that plant so might have been better if i knew all what i was doing then lol. Training eill keep u an even canopy and more nicer sized buds tho.

I’m on my first grow (you can check my journal), but I had one super problem plant. Started in 3 gal fabrics (and I was dumb and they’re not full, so prob 2ish)

One became VERY unhealthy, and people here were super helpful. So now I have two plants still in the original containers. And I transplanted the other into a 7 gal. She improved greatly.

I wanted to stay in original pots all grow, but I guess it’s a matter of what the PLANT needs at any time. Light, water, space, nutes, etc. So for me transplanting an auto, which usually isn’t always great, was the best option.

I’m going all 5 gal Square fabrics next time lol


Welcome ! topping and training for a indoor grow helps to manage your space . Outdoor grow if you if you choose to let nature run its course plant will still have a nice yield. Happy growing

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