Just in time, "I hope"

Guess I’ll be up late tonight.
Found this just now.
I’m so tired :tired_face:
I just want to go to bed but I’ll never sleep, I’ll be dreaming about bananas all night if I don’t cut them out. :cold_sweat:


Herming, or different plant?

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Hermi, plant in picture… it’s bad to :man_facepalming:.

I’m now debating what to do with it cuz it can’t stay in my closet.

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That’s a bummer, If you have other plants I would remove.

Yeah 8 auto in tent beside them 2 others in closet with this one…
All 3 are bag seed started in April.
Photos as I had to induce flower…
That was roughly 3 weeks ago maybe…
And this one with bananas was so cool to😓
Tops every where!
I only FIM once and 3 of the branches topped themselves and had 3 leafs and 3 branches at many of the nodes instead of the normal 2 on the mutated branches, I really wanted to see it grow up :sweat:

Chuck it or stick it in 2x2 by it self in a different room is the question :thinking: I absolutely don’t need more seeds and I don’t have the time for what I got already…

Carefully take pods off the hermi but do it outside away from other plants and hopefully you have caught it before the pods had popped

That was my first plan but there was just so many. I got it quarantine. We see what happens but I probably didn’t get them all. I do hope none opened before I pulled it out.

Fingers crossed

Right before lights outs mist everything you can safely do just in case

For sure try to wet her at lights out. What’s done can’t be undone. Doesn’t look definitive either way on the upper nanner… Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

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Shit can it.

So I been looking it over the best I can for a couple of days. I believe I got them all out.
Only time will tell if I got them all in time…

But this is what’s left of it after I cut it up.

Here’s one the mutations, the branches topped themselves.

I am glad I kept it at this point though. I have more of these seeds and by letting it finish, maybe I can identify what it is and decide if I want to pop more of them…

Some of the stuff I saved seeds from was absolute fire!

I really wish I had labeled the seeds over the years as I saved them but I didn’t :sleepy:

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