Just harvested three sweet mango autos

From seed, 76 days. Total wet weight at 580g. All drying in a tent set at 70F and 50RH, two fans circulating in a 2x4x5 ft tent, also vented with a exhaust fan and filter advice? Tips ar ed welcome as this is my first. Dont want to screw it up at this point… here are pics

Blurry pic


Nice harvest! Temp and humidity are perfect. Just make sure the fans are pointed away from the buds and there isn’t a ton of air movement. The slower they dry, the better.

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Thanks dude… i double checked my fans now… just making sure my temp and rh are stable like a paranoia lol

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dont smoke em till they are cured… lol I bet ya cant refrain from burning one before its time! Nice lookin buds! Nice and slow, and whenbthe stems kink with an almost snap its time to jar and cure.

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At 580 wet grams she should give you around 4oz dry.

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That would be awesome… its all new so anything is good.

They lose about 75-80% of their weight when they dry. A QP is a great first harvest!

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Looks good. I dry for a few days then jar with a hygrometer. Gives me an idea of where they’re at with regards to moisture content. 62% is my target, if it goes high I open the jar and sit for a few minutes on a heat source before closing the lid and monitoring again :sunglasses:


Sweet very nice

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76 days is so quick :laughing: I’m on day 45 from seed and this is my glue gelato, no training under a 2000w cheapish led


Welcome ! and congratulations very pretty buds. The community has you covered.


Yah, i went with a fast flowering type for my first grow just to see how things go… i still have two white widows left… your plant looks great btw…

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Niceee good job bro! I got a few on the go too :wink: glue gelato, cosmic bomb, cream mandarine and two little seedlings just come up which are northern lights and American pie all autos :blush: thanks buddy!

Looks like you have so much until you grind it and poof, time for more plants

Update: so my girl and i cut down the plants in pretty short branches and it being high desert… well after four short days… i believe the buds were ready to cure as they were snapping off now…

I did manage to keep it pretty cool, started too high at 70 at first for my area and current ambient temps… lesson learned…

I do believe i caught the buds at the right time… they are all jarred up and a total dry weight of 3.94oz…

I will burb twice daily for the next few weeks…

Any tips at this stage are welcome… pics