Just harvested plant.. not sure what this is


There is all kinds of ways to dry your plants. But the main thing is [ HUMIDITY ] And complete ddarkness.
Your humidity should be around 45% to 55% if you start at 55% and each day lower it by 5% your smoke will durn out much better. Best of luck on your turn out my friend.
Let us all know how it works out… ok

B Safe


why would you think of throwing it away? Does it look bad to you?

its like… with foods… as long as it looks good it most probably is. You will realize bad things when you see them, just trust in your human sense and you will be fine

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Not a problem i didnt know top of plant was already turned purple thought that it was only happening at the bottom which would of been slightly weird. Ater seeing tops it explains a little more

when I saw it I had no idea what it was… and the bottom four branches were a lot more colored that the rest of the plant… ( now guessing thats cuz they were closer to the ice)… had never even heard of purple pot before so was thinking the worse that it was mold and still had 2 more plants about a week away and didnt want to loose all three. From what I was reading it spreads like wildfire if you are unlucky enough to get it. At the time was thinking since I had seperated it from those other 2 plants that they would be ok. I was cleaning everything close to where it was at with hydrogen peroxide and water. Then cut one of the colored sacks open the next morning and looked at it under the 120x microscope and it looked a lot more purple than brown or gray… then went and looked at a couple videos on youtube of rot and from what they were showing it was nothing like what I had… still wasnt sure but was hoping again that it was something else. Then relied on you experts to let me know just what I needed to do before doing anything else and sure am glad I did. Thanks so much again.


Its hard to tell without hi rez wide angle images. Bud rot sometimes looks anywhere between a wierd fuzzy blue to bluey grey to even white, Ive even seen it a tan or brown color. When you grow outdoor weed, especially up here in the great white north, bud rot is pretty common on unprotected plants. Its pretty easy to spot in person and up close. If it is bud rot, which to me it doesnt look like it, I would discard any buds that have it, and keep your remaining buds separated, not touching, until the drying process is well under way. You will know if more weed is contaminated in a week easy! Handle any rotten weed carefully so as not to spread spores and wash up real good before handling any good bud. The decision to spray or dip your dope in hydrogen peroxide mixture is totally up to you. Wouldnt hurt. But rinse after with good clean water.

well they are in jars two nights ago… stems still bent but did not break and buds were dry on out side but sticky inside… didnt see anything that looked bad to me while doing final trim. RH was up to 73 first look and now down to 67 this morning in the jars… burping them every 8 hrs or so for 15ish mins.
Put second plant in dark last night… with probably 80% redish hairs… no ice this time just cold water in last week…lol… and nothing last day and then 72 hrs darkness with air. Thinking I like the cold water better but thats just me atm.
Still one more plant in tent for another week… still had lots of white hairs on it. Thinking about drilling or splitting stem in last one next week… anyone ever do that before last days?

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