Just harvested my XL kush auto and i just started new genetics

Hey guys as you all know ive been doing a xl kush auto and a Blue Widow photoperiod well the kush got chopped today and i really dont think this one is going to be a good harvest with the kush theres some dence small buds but theres alot of airy buds im going to end up doing a dry ice sift on it and then i will either smoke the small dence buds and then make oil or butter from the rest but thats enough about the kush .Well i just started two new strains and new genetics ive just done two Russian blood pies and two bloody lemon cookies regular autoflower seeds these are from a Australian breeder im a tester for him so once it all starts properly feel free to join in on this adventure with me


I’m in Australia. Following.

Kool and welcome to my next journey .here is a blue widow photoperiod I’m waiting to finish up