Just harvested my first grow!

Hey everybody I just finished my first ever grow of anything! I want to take this time and give a big ups to ILGM. Also and most importantly thanks to all my new friends that walked me through this you have no idea how valuable you have been. Can’t wait to try again. I only popped one Bean cause I had no idea what I was doing 9 to go :grin:


Congrats!!! I’m just starting with mine. You did a good job…I killed mine in the dang rockwool. I studied and researched for months as i collected my system together. Im really proud of my set up. I got everything thats needed for hydro. I made my hydro aeroponics system myself and it works great!!! I mean to tell you it’s not lacking anything except my plants. Now what do I do besides try again with different seeds and then what seeds can hang with my mistakes that will be made…not if I can help it but you know what i mean. Funny thing I checked pH yesterday and it was 6.7. This is my 1st forum or blog too so if I do something wrong let me know cuz I’m gonna need some help. Angie

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Those look terrible. Better send them to me so I can try them and make sure they are safe :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Just playin those look great and congrats. Get to curing and then smoking!

Congratulations on your first harvest. You did a great job!

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Those look rather thick :yum:

Looking good! Congrats on a job well done.

@raustin you were a big help much love :+1:t4:

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@Angie if this is your first grow remember you have a ton of support here, good luck!

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@Familyman lol now drying and curing more uncharted territory sure I’ll be back for more advice :facepunch:t4:

Ask away. I learn from your questions too

Congrats man!! Thanks alot!!! I’ll sure need the advice. I have to replace the little suckers now and i haven’t got a clue.

Looks great! Time to start another grow!

ccongrats on the accomplishment. But I agree they look a little sketchy… just drop me one bud in the mail and I will give your harvest a full ten point quality check…for free.

LOL maybe I’ll do that :facepunch:t4:

Congrats! The first one is always so exciting. Looks like u have some nice thick buds.

Make sure u let them dry enough so U don’t get the horrid rot we are all experiencing lately.

Enjoy! And good luck on your next grow.

ROT grrrrrr!! What’s up with that? This is the first I’m hearing about this.

just keep air circulating around them while they drie… not directly on them,…but around… rot is a risk in still, high humidity climates…so just make it not still

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And dont jar them too early. That will cause bud rot as well. As long as u dry til the stems snap not bend u will b fine.

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I’m drying in my 2x2 grow tent, temp 75 degrees f and 45% rh is this okay?


Congratulations @stankeybud1
Hang dry until buds snap off main stem then jar and burp :+1:
Temps and humidity are good :+1: