Just hanging with my buds

Just random pics



Look brilliant all ready to go nice. :v:️.

Nice colas @Rexx

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Nice bud porn!

How did you get the lower buds so thick ? Decent light penetration !!! @Rexx tell me please !!!

Simply beautiful

@Jam I have 2 600 watt lights in a 4x4 tent so i get great light penetration plus im using nectar of the gods nutes there tricky to use but the results are worth it.

Thanks @Rexx I will up the wattage. At present 1600 in a 4.5/8 ft go to 1800 what do you think ???

Oh and what strain is that baby with the huge cola and lower nugs ?? Do you use soil or what medium ?? @Rexx

I think you have plenty of light but you can always use more and if a bigger power bill is affordable . The plants are WW autoflower from ILGM and i use Dr Earth’s POTting soil (soil they designed for cannabis so they say ) and i use nectar of the gods nutes following the Greek feeding schedule (see there web page for more info) and i run 18/6 light cycle. I attached

some pics of another plant not as far along i staggered planting times due to autoflower not needing light contrants


I read a sweet spot is 65 watts sqf @Rexx and I think there not far off. Your girls definitely are looking great mate !!! Hopefully I’ll have some babies like these. I’ll put up pics every 2 weeks and keep dialling it in. They are good, but I want awesome lol. So live n learn !!! Thanks for the info !!

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