Just got some new genetics

Hey guys i ordered some new seeds from sticky seeds uk and from herbies seeds ,from sticky seeds i got white widow auto again and i got moby dick auto again and i have blue widow fem seed and from herbies seeds i have new genetics i have purple lemonade auto from 420 fast buds and i have blackberry gum auto from seedstockers and i got bonus seeds aswell gorilla glue auto, zkittlez auto and lemon CBD auto now i cant wait for this grow to be over so i can do a purple lemonade auto and a gorilla glue auto or lemon CBD auto ,also im cloning a auto flower so far so good i will wait and see if they grow


@Aussie_autos wow sound so good enjoy you need flavors :hugs:

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My first time using 420 fast buds and seed stockers also first time for purple lemonade auto and Blackberry gum and the others

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If is not to hard I want to watch that fast bud strains, I want to get two strains from that genetics

That purple lemonade grows beautifully and tastes fantastic!


I’ve had mostly good plants from Fastbuds. Sometimes their plants are a bit on the smaller side for autos, but they almost always have nice big and dense buds.