Just got new dark wizard genetics

Hi guys I just got my new dark wizard genetics I got auto gelato, critical plus auto,Kush XL,white widow auto ,and I have other ones aswell I’ve got auto cheese ,auto Bluetooth,auto blueberry so I want people’s opinion which two should I start for my next grow ,I’ve also got photos periods aswell I’ve got ducks foot ,power bud , northern lights,Bubba Kush, pineapple Kush

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My experience with growers choice(european) frosty Gelato auto was excellent all around , the buzz is wonderful and it ended up being the biggest plant I’ve ever grown( but not the tallest strawberry pie auto beat that )

Yah I was thinking about the gelato and maybe the blueberry or auto cheese

I had good results with my first auto Blueberry ILGM last season…I know that Bubba Kush is the shiznitz from a buddy years ago…

“Gelato auto”…… sure does have a nice ring to it :sunglasses::v:t2:

Cheese is really nice. Skunky, cheesy, tangy, and creamy smoke. Really nice terps!


That’s beautiful :star_struck:

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That’s a nice plant good size buds

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Ok guys it’s up yous pick two seeds for me to do next grow either a auto flower and a photoperiod or just two autos I will give you the names of what I have and you decide , these are photoperiod northern lights, pineapple Kush,power bud,Bubba Kush, that’s photoperiod and now the auto flower Cheese, gelato,Kush XL, Bluetooth and blueberry , critical plus,white widow, there you go ,write down what ones I should do and I will pick and let you know which ones I picked out of the ones you tell me