Just got my seeds today, how do i germinate my seeds

Can someone point me in the right direction.
I have submersed them in water before. But I don’t want to mess these up

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Hi Greg, you know they say there’s more than one way to spin a cat so I can only tell you what I do:

I place a piece of paper towel on a saucer, put seeds on the paper towel, fold it over then I wet the papertowel very well with plain warm ph balanced water (6.3)

I put another saucer on top and then I put the whole thing inside of a propagation tray and put the Dome on, then I put the tray on a propagation mat (some people put it on a cable box or something else where the temperatures are warm but never hot).

I check it often to make sure it doesn’t dry out and that the temperature stays around 80 degrees with high humidity
-good luck