Just got first set up ready for 1st grow

Love the ILGM forum and super efficient shipping! Starting out on my first try.

Here is the equipment ect.

2x4’ tent, 4” ~203 cfm exhaust with carbon filter. 4” duct fan input with 2 4” fans, (One front of SCROG and one behind) and a 10” fan above blowing downward.
For lighting I am using 2 Asvert (200 wall watt each) LED, 4 x 100w CFL 2 x 60w CFL equivalent.
Pro-mix HP and GH Flora series nutes with GH Armor, Kool bloom and Earth Juice Cal/Mag
Lastly using 5 gal smart pots for 2 WW and 2 Super Lemon Haze photos.
Not at all sure 4 plants was a good call, but I’ve got the beans going so we will see.
Did pick up a pH and PPM meter.
Anything missing? Down the road I would like to upgrade the lights, but thought this would be good enough to get started.

Also not sure about how to introduce seedlings into full lighting. (at 2 weeks? start with one LED and work up? Distance from plants for all lights?)


I use cfls for seedlings too and when I switch to my leds, I just put the leds above the cfls, like in your picture then after a couple days remove the cfls and lower your leds

Do not point the fan directly at your plants… other then that lookin good… :wink:


a hygrometer for measuring humidity

I start mine in a closet under CFL’s. I have moved them under the LED’s after day 10. 28" off the plants. No issues yet. You look to be set up nice there.

Got it thanks much. I will shift them so they are indirect.

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Ok. I’ll find a decent place to put it to test humidity. I have seen a lot of ways in the forum to address low humidity that should be a huge help. Love the forum. A ton of great information. I’m using a four bulb T5 for seedlings on a table I made to keep them at waist height so I don’t have to bend over to look them over. Popped three out of 4 beans, but the forth one I think I let dry out. :frowning:
Thanks for the feedback everyone


With the whole fan thing, you do want air to be moving over them, or keep them dancing in the wind. This will promote stem growth and stop mold production. But I wouldn’t worry about it until they are a few weeks old and able to withstand it.

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