Just got ak-47's


high everyone,
newbie to indoor hydro stealth. Just got my babies. Was planning on doing 2 first in grow box 2.5’x 18" x 4’ and then saving rest for next grow. whats the best way to keep them, fridge, or just cool dark place in plastic pouch they came in. can I germinate in hydro or do it the old wet paper towel way, or something else? any help appreciated Thanks…oldngrey2


I keep my extra seeds in the package they came in, in a cool dark place. You can keep them in the fridge but you need to be sure they aren’t exposed to any moisture. Once moisture is introduced, it triggers germination and could kill your seeds.


Thanks SilentHippie thought thatwould be the way to go but just checking it’s been a while, and never inside, oh by the way GO BUCKS!!!


Yep cool dry and dark is recommended!

Go Bucks! They need a big 4th Q


And wow what a 4th quarter!

@SilentHippie @oldngrey2