Just gett'in started again!


@Gilly looking solid. Not doubting you, but don’t forget your holes in the bottom of your buckets. :wink:
Happy growing. :seedling:


@Covertgrower Done deal! Girls are looking a bit puny tonight. Hopefully its just from yesterdays move from SOLO cups to 5 gallon buckets! (hopefully)



@Covertgrower Yip! That’s exactly what it was! Man what a relief! Those girls look fine today! I was worried there for a bit!



@Gilly I’m glad that’s all it was. They should really take off with more room to grow now!
(Pun intended)


@Covertgrower Just checked the girls again and its look’in like by tomorrow they should be they’re old selves again! Just never had this happen before. Anyways, I think they will be just fine as new leaves are coming out!



@Covertgrower Gotta question! My soil Ph is 6.9, if I mix a batch of water with a Ph level of 5.0 will this bring the Ph level of the soil down quicker???



Yes it would bring the Ph down faster, however it’s not necessarily good for the plant.
I would recommend bring it down a little at a time. I would half points. 7.0 starting out, give it with 6.5 then next to 6.0. @Gilly


@Covertgrower Thanks for the info my man! You are Da Man!!! I truly appreciate ur input!!! I will start that process in just a few!!!

Thanks much,


@Covertgrower H

ere’s the recent pics! 25 days old tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get the soil Ph where it needs ta be! Look’in good so far!!!



@Gilly definitely looking good.