Just gett'in started again!


@Gilly looking solid. Not doubting you, but don’t forget your holes in the bottom of your buckets. :wink:
Happy growing. :seedling:


@Covertgrower Done deal! Girls are looking a bit puny tonight. Hopefully its just from yesterdays move from SOLO cups to 5 gallon buckets! (hopefully)



@Covertgrower Yip! That’s exactly what it was! Man what a relief! Those girls look fine today! I was worried there for a bit!



@Gilly I’m glad that’s all it was. They should really take off with more room to grow now!
(Pun intended)


@Covertgrower Just checked the girls again and its look’in like by tomorrow they should be they’re old selves again! Just never had this happen before. Anyways, I think they will be just fine as new leaves are coming out!



@Covertgrower Gotta question! My soil Ph is 6.9, if I mix a batch of water with a Ph level of 5.0 will this bring the Ph level of the soil down quicker???



Yes it would bring the Ph down faster, however it’s not necessarily good for the plant.
I would recommend bring it down a little at a time. I would half points. 7.0 starting out, give it with 6.5 then next to 6.0. @Gilly


@Covertgrower Thanks for the info my man! You are Da Man!!! I truly appreciate ur input!!! I will start that process in just a few!!!

Thanks much,


@Covertgrower H

ere’s the recent pics! 25 days old tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get the soil Ph where it needs ta be! Look’in good so far!!!



@Gilly definitely looking good.


Hi @Gilly.

What are you using for water? Are you using RO or distilled water? If so, have you started adding CalMag? If not, you might want to. It looks like you might have something a little funky going on with your some of your leaves that might indicate the beginnings of a deficiency.


@WonkaMan I know he just recently transplanted, it’s more than likely the roots still developing and seeking out nitrogen. They kind of stall a little at this phase. 2 more weeks this will probably clear up.
My plants went through the same phase. My MW was particularly hungry. It’s still something to keep an eye on if they don’t improve.


That sounds reasonable. Thanks for correcting me, @Covertgrower. Good luck with the grow, @Gilly. I’ll try not to steer you wrong, but I’ll keep watching!


Thanks much! Will definitely keep an eye on things! Gonna water tonight with 6.0 Ph water to try and get the soil Ph down to where it needs ta be!
Note: They have only been in the 5 gallon buckets for 8 days now!!! Hopefully that’s all it is!? What Cal-Mag do you recommend??? (If needed) Can it be bought on Ebay? (Can I say that???) I’ll delete if not! Sorry!

Thanks again,


Hi Gilly. If you need it, yes, you can find plenty of CalMag solutions on Amazon. Here’s the one I use:

Good luck with the girls!


Damn cat! Turned my back long enough to dip water outta my bucket and my cat is trying ta eat my plants! Only got half a leaf (thank god) Could have been worse I guess!



@Gilly yours is not the first incident of cats eating their plants. You could get some wheat grass or cat nip going. It’s more appealing and they’ll leave your plants alone.


I can attest to that. My cat never bothered my plants before. Then about a year ago or so I came in and noticed some holes and little damages on my leaves. General damage. Some of the leaves were wilting on the ground. Little pieces of leaf on the floor… I couldn’t figure out what was going on! I thought maybe some kind of bug got in my room. Or even a little critter? I had no idea. Since my cat never ate them before it didn’t occur to me it could be him. He never seem to pay any attention to them. Well something must have changed because as I was in there cleaning up the mess I turned around and I see a cat face chomping on a leaf. Like he ordered a Caesar salad from a restaurant or something . He looked as happy as a pig in poop. Haha from that point on when the door was open I kept one of those child gates blocking it. He was too big to jump/climb over it.
Have a nice morning


@neckNflu @Covertgrower Too funny! Lol! Definitely gonna keep an eye on her when I’m in the basement tending to the girls! Just got done topping the girls for the 1st time! Maybe 1 more time in the coming weeks and that’s gonna be it! Hopefully everything will turn out alright! Gonna try to find some Cal-Mag today online somewhere!

PS/ Hope you all have a great day!!!


@Covertgrower Just ordered some Cal - Mag!!! Should be here by Wednesday!!! Wow, what a relief! I don’t wanna mess this #@#&% up in ant way!!! I’m look’in ta get some killer smoke outta these girls! (all private stash! All mine!) I’ve had 17 back surgeries so its for pain!