Just gett'in started again!


I’ve had 4 Grand Daddy Purple seedlings in SOLO cups since 12/25/18 and they are all growing at a different pace! To look at’em you’d think I sprouted them all a day apart . They will be just fine though! Gonna change the light schedule to 18/6 come Sunday. Just starting their 4th set of leaves! I’ll try to get a pic up before too long! I’m retired so I’m gonna baby these girls from start to finish!

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PS / Probably be asking questions again this grow!!!


@Gilly wow we sprouted on 12-25 running 18/6 light and only have 2nd pair of leaves started.


Just got tails on two white widow autos. Getting ready to put them in rapid rooter right now


Good luck @Gilly! I’ll be following along.


Thanks all! Like I said, I’m gonna baby these girls to make sure NOTHING goes wrong!!! My 1st grow turned out fantastic! My 2nd grow was fantastic till the last 3 weeks of flower when 3 of the 5 plants turned sickly on me. Still managed to salvage 85% of it! Hope this grow goes flawlessly for me! I’m growing in a tent in my basement. It gets down to 68* when the light is off but that’s only for 6 hours a day! Should be just fine!

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@Okie70 Hi! My bad my man! They’re only on their 3rd set of leaves!!! (can’t count I guess!)


@Gilly We will all be here when you have questions!


Just wanted to mention (thought it might help someone) that when I plant my seeds I only put 2" of soil in a 16oz SOLO cup and put them 1/2" deep. As they grow I add soil to cover the stem all the way up to the very bottom set of leaves. By doing so, the newly covered stem actually turns to root! By the time they’re ready for transplant to the 5 gallon buckets they have a massive root system established! Been doing this for years with the garden plants and it proves to be worth the while!

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Thank you for sharing. That’s a really good idea. I know that should work for marijuana plants too. I need try that on one or two of my girls next time.


4th set of leaves “popped” last night! Gonna keep’em in the SOLO cups for 7 more days then it’s off to the 5 gallon buckets! I’m hop’in for a end of April harvest! (or close to that) I’ll see about gett’in some pics up today or tomorrow!



My intensions were to leave the girls in the SOLO cups till Friday. May hafta do it sooner, we’ll see! Once I do, I think I’ll wait a couple weeks before nute’s so the roots have time to establish themselves! I mixed a gallon of nute’s this morning. FF GROW BIG and BIG BLOOM at 1/2 strength. QUESTION: Will this be too strong for my girls or should I dilute it even more??? (2 tbs BB and 1.5 tbs GB / 1 Gal. H2O)

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What soil will you be using in the 5-gallon pots, @Gilly?


A lot of you probably won’t agree with it but all I’ve ever done is mix bagged garden soil and bagged potting soil from Wally World! (1/2 and 1/2) Add Perlite and a bit of sand and that’s it! It’s always worked just fine for me. (keep it simple) Yields have always been good so I’m not gonna mess with any fancy soil recipe. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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Here’s the pic I promised! 14 days from sprout to present!


If that’s working for you, I’m not gonna argue! I use Fox Farms Ocean Forest, and it’s fairly hot, so I don’t actually use nutes in the veg cycle. You may well want to though. Grow Big and Big Bloom at half strength sounds like a good plan to me. I also add something called Photosynthesis Plus. (It smells like rotten eggs when you mess with it, but my plants don’t complain.)



So far so good! Can’t wait till Friday when I put them in the 5 gallon buckets! They are look’in awesome so far! Would put them in the buckets today but I have a Dr.'s appointment on Thursday (200 mile round trip) and I wanna make sure my light it functioning normally so my house doesn’t burn down while I’m gone! Just gonna do it Friday so I can keep an eye on my light for a few days and make sure all is good before I leave the house! CAN NEVER BE TOO CAUTIOUS!!! (spelling)



What is the best and easiest way to lower the Ph of my soil???



With Phospheric acid. (Which is concentrated) or ph down.
It’s best to lower the soil ph over several waterings. @Gilly


Thanks my man!



Well, I got the girls into the 5 gallon buckets! Light is set for 18/6 so all should be good from here on out! (I hope!) They all had massive root balls so they should take off bigtime! We’ll see! Net is set at 14" for now. May hafta move it up as they grow? It took 18 days to get to this point! Grand Daddy Purple baby!!!