Just germinated

Hello I just germinated my first set of Bruce banner autoflower now I’ve been told I can put them in its final pot from the start but how much water is needed? I just water the area where the seed was planted and not so heavily either. Did I do this right?

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yes , you did it right, be careful about over watering, it’s probably the biggest mistake new growers make. You can spritz around the base of the sprout. If the sprout starts to droop you can try putting a clear 2 liter soda bottle cut in half and use as a dome over the sprout. to keep the humidity up.

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Forgot my manners, welcome to the community!!

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Thanks a lot

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New to this forum (and to growing) so I’m not sure how to start a new thread. I figured I’d ask on here. I germinated Ak 47 and Northern Lights autoflower seeds in peat pods. It’s been 5 days and all 5 Northern Lights are looking good but just one AK has sprouted and it’s looking a little stressed out. Any insight into if the AK is still salvageable? Also wondering if I should keep giving the AK 47s some time to germinate. Thanks!

The AK has the seed husk stuck or as we say Helmet Head.
Moisten it and wait a couple minutes and gently work it off with a couple toothpicks or very carefully with tweezers.
Dont force it. Let the water soften it up.
Welcome both of you to the forum.

That makes sense. I’ll definitely do that, thanks so much for your help! Do you think the rest of the AKs could still sprout even though it’s been 5 days? I’ve only grown twice but both times it was either cloned or started for me, so I’m very new to the germination process!

Yes. Sometimes seeds are just slow.
And sometimes they just dont pop.
Dont water them anymore. They dont like being overly wet.

Sounds good. Once again, I really appreciate the help!

I’ve got everything going. I have 2 Bruce banner autoflower and one as you can see is doing great while one is looking as if it’s struggling. I also have 2 white Runtz and I believe the very little one not transplant is a gelato. One of the Runtz leaves are yellowish I don’t know what I can do about that and also the struggling autoflower. I finally have humidity down to like 52. I was told to take it down 5 every week til I’m at 30.