Just found out my Dr. does urine tests in order to get prescriptions...HELP!


@super_newby just saw this thread bro
I with @bob31 as far as the military implications
I’m a vet also so I Salute you for your service my friend
I also suffer fro herniated discs
You can get a flush at the local gnc stores as well just tell the folks at the store your looking to detoxify your system don’t mention weed or anything else
I’ve used this method before with success 2 weeks after finding out I need to test I wouldn’t smoke any more bit the few $ spent on the flush my be worth it
That’s for you to decide tho my friend
And bob made a good point about talking to the doctor in my experience most are cool of tou honest with them
I also used to take the oxys but stop with them years ago since I was turning into a junkie :+1:
Good luck my friend


@super_newby @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 and all the other members who serve, I thank you all SO much! From the bottom of my heart I have the utmost respect for all of you and I will always be thankful to you guys!



Thanks Keith! Much appreciated! :us:


@super_newby ok look get some fake urine or a clean friends any where that sells pipes should have it take a little price of each medicine that is supposed to be in your system and I mean a small peice of each crush them up and put them in the bottle of urine go take drug screen using fake urine it’s rather easy just hide the bottle on you and it has to be between 90-100 or they won’t use it!!! Get a temp strip you shold be able to find one aby where that sells fish. Best of luck tag me if you have any questions


Hello again my friends! I took the advice from @bob31 to just stay away from it; he’s right…I have way too much to lose. The bad news is that is completely sucked to do but since tomorrow is the big appointment with my doctor, I figured that staying away from it would be my best option. After much research about different people having different rates of THC exiting the system, I purchased some home THC tests from Amazon…good news, I just tried one and it was a solid pass! I thought about using someone else’s and also a flush but the problem was that I am prescribed opiates and other drugs that are supposed to be in my system, and I don’t know if they test to see if they are at medicinal levels (of which they are) so I figured that cleaning myself out to be the correct option. So, for future reference, 21 days of not using and I’m clean. Tomorrow night will be so sweet!! Thank you everyone, I appreciate the advice and encouragement.



Congrats on the clean test! I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy again tomorrow with a big bowl!

It’s a shame there is still such a stigma with weed. So much better than all this bs on the doctors give you.


They don’t test for medicinal levels. They just test that you are taking them. You can take a normal dose and go to the doctor after having none for days or weeks. That’s why there’s so many pills out on the street. A bunch of chronic pain people sell most of them where I live. I assume it’s the same Nationwide.


Unfortunately I’ve been through this as well all to much I went the fake piss Route because I can with taking my gabapentin and Oxy methadone and tram at all and 4 other medications I was done with phama 7 years on that crap !!! But it sucks because your options is stop or cheat Sorry that you’re having to go through that


I have also been there @Hogmaster and @skgrower
Big Parma has help no one imo
They hurt more then they help
Best is to get off the pills ASAP imo
I used to take the OxyContin as well it’s crap :poop: