Just found mushrooms growing

Just found these mushrooms growing in my 7 gal bag with a wedding cake auto. They’re very small, about 1/4", They weren’t there yesterday, at least not that I noticed.
The soil is supposedly organic soil from HD but I doubt that claim.
Is this an indication of root rot? possible too much water.
I’ve been watering every 3 days up until very recent with this heat wave coming through, it’s been every other day.
The soil looks very wet because I just gave them their nuets today.

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It’s not a bad thing if your soil can support that kind of biology just breaking things down

Most mushrooms are a good thing. Means healthy soil.

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Soil might be a little moist???

Thanks for the quick responses. So nothing really to worry about.
Yes the is wt now from feeding them and it also rained last night, I used that rain as a water day.