Just flipped to 12/12 - when to add tiger bloom to the nutes?

Maui wowie (sative-dominant), germinated October 28, planted in 7-gallon grow bags with FFOF. Just flipped to 12 on, 12 off. Doing a SCROG.

At this point should I start adding FF tiger bloom to my feeding? I’m wondering whether I do it now, to help encourage flowering, or wait until pistils appear.

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I have edited and use this schedule for my nutes after recommendations found on here. My success rate has gone way up… But you must know and watch for deficiencies and overages… Every strain is different.

I use Roots Organics Original soil, 5gallon fabric pots. RO water… 6.5 ph consistently

I should add that for 21 days after my last transplant I don’t add nutes and must change my schedule to show as such. My soil has plenty nutes built in until after then.

I also extend my veg to 8 weeks as well.

Thanks. I only did one transplant. From the seed-starting solo cup to the grow bag. They’ve vedged for 8 weeks now.

What soil are you using? It may say in the product information… Mine did.

I used to transplant from solo cup to largest pot… I have been since then up potting from the solo cups to 1 gallon plastic then onto fabric pots… The root structure has improved along with my harvest size, quantity, and quality.


I’m using Fox Farms Ocean Forest. The bag is long gone.

Just checked their website… Oddly enough they do list that you don’t need to add nitrogen nutes but don’t list how long until you should begin…

@BobbyDigital @Covertgrower @Hellraiser @Nicky @Audiofreak do either of you use FF OF? How long will nutes hold up until needing to start adding nutes?

I know FF OF is hot just don’t have experience with it. I heard it’s similar to Roots Organics Original.


The FFOF will last aprox 4/6 weeks. Then you feed. But you need to take TDS readings to determine when the soil is depleated (800/1000) ppms so you dont nuke them. I switched to the Roots 2 grows ago and its similar.


Roots is superior in my opinion. It’s gentler than OF and doesn’t need the extra perlite added in. Also doesn’t get hydrophobic like OF. How long the OF lasts before needing nutrients depends on the plant. Once I would get to 1000ppm or below in runoff is when I’d start feeding.


This depends on your lighting, Bobbydigital’s suggestion to measure ppm is best suggestion.


They covered it.



Oh avoid run off until your feeding nutrients, water but don’t water to run off, also do soil slurry samples to test your ppm in soil until you do water to run off.
This will all make your soil last longer.

I grew for a while in fox farms soils,.

Have yellow sticky traps and DE ready to fight the gnats


I’m a first time grower but that seems like a brilliant tip. Why wash out the nutrients in the soil just to replace them a minute later with bottled nutes?

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