Just flipped em....nutrient?


Dyna grow is what I used up up until I flipped em.
Now I am using FF Big Bloom. I have 2 plants in tent.
Should I be using their “general feeding” which is 4 tblsp per gallon every other feeding?
Or the heavy feeding which is 1/2 cup per gallon once per week?
I water the plants 3x a week about a 1/2 gallon per plant.
One more ?.. I ph the water after the nutes are added and shaken up? Is this correct?
Thanks for the help people.


Usually, during the first 2 weeks after flip, feed half bloom & half grow nutes, then move to solely bloom nutes. Not sure how that translates to Fox Farm’s line, myself, but @raustin will definitely know.

As for pH, check & adjust after all nutes have been mixed into your h20.


You should start to add Tiger Bloom after flip. Do you have the Foxfarm feeding schedule?


no i dont have the fox farm feeding schedule. I am guessing it is on their website? I will check now


so if i am reading the feeding schedule correctly…
on week 6 i am mixing ~ 3 tsp big bloom ~2 tsp grow big & ~2 tsp tiger bloom together in 1 gallon of a 5.6 to 6.8 ph water. After I add nutes to gallon I re-test the ph and adjust it up or down to 5.6 to 6.8 ph. Is this correct?
What is the EC & PPM at the top of feeding scedule in the blue?
Thanks for your help!


pH for soil should be 6.0-7.0. Although I try to keep it 6.2-6.8.

The ppm at the top in blue is where they recommend you to be. You’ll need a tds meter for that.


Nutes have a definite effect on pH. If you adjust the pH before and then again after adding nutes, you are adding extra salts to the water. I would mix well all the various nutes and then adjust the pH once. My water is alkaline but my full-strength grow nutes make in 5.8. If I adjusted it to 5.8 first, my nutes would make it even more acid and I would have to then adjust pH up.