Just finished up one of my grows let me know what you think about it tri are ridiculous


nice job, looks very sticky

Does it look ready to u

I am still seeing some fresh white pistills but I think you are in the final days/week until perfect. I tend to harvest when 90% of the trichomes are cloudy/milky as I prefer an uplifting head buzz as opposed to more amber and couchlock effects. Everyone has their own preferences so there is no hard and fast rules. If I am trying a new strain I will start picking buds to sample up to 3 weeks before projected harvest date to taste and feel the results as the plant matures and make my judgements based on the sample buds as to when its best to harvest. I like to write things down so it is pretty easy for me to keep as much info on each strain as I can.


Looks like a Xmas ornaments :+1:

It looks really good tell me how it tastes and smoke and the buzz it gives you head or body

Good job
Get a close up of your triches she looks close but I like to get an overall idea of what the trichomes look like from top to bottom before I chop em down
I had alot of white pistols on a few of mine but the triches were 95% cloudy so she got the chop

Oh my god you’re right the tri are ridicu-outlandish!!!

Looks like a white widow auto