Just finished my first legal VA grow

Morning all. So i just finished up 4 plants in a 3x3. Only got about 11oz but theres not much density…even the caps that I was sure were going to be A+ are fluffy. I used a Mars Hydro FC-E3000 for the grow. I went out of town while they were drying but neglected to refill my humidifier before I left. The humidity was at 44% when I got home and the temp was steady at 74. Anyone see my error? About to start the next round and would like to get everything adjusted. The pics are of the tallest that had a lil fox tail going on.


How close was the light?

What was your DLI? If your DLI was to high probably your cause.

I dunno poo poo bout growing indoors, but congrats on your first legal grow👍 looks good to me.


I’m no authority on this, but it looks like perhaps they weren’t quite done? I asked this forum a couple days ago how long they thought this plant had to go, and the response was 4 weeks. It’s day 72 from flip today. See how yours has so many white pistils like mine?


Those pics are from only one plant. It shot up faster then the others then develped those pistils late. I figured it was a by product of the foxtailing. I had mostly cloudy tricomes, about 25% red on all plants


Congrats fellow Virginian on your first legal grow :heart: that had to feel great!!! I think they look awesome. Things don’t always turn out like we want and striving to do better next round is always a noble effort to task one’s self with. I STILL bet it smokes, tastes and WORKS better than anything you’ve been buying for the past however long… :wink: 11oz isn’t a bad cull at all. Each time will probably become more/better


Congrats to you, brother, on your first legal VA grow. Mine are in week 5 of flower here in SOVA, and if I am being honest I started a little early. Your buds look nice and frosty, but not ready for harvest (assuming you took those pics just before you made the cut). One question. How close were your lights during flower?

oh i started the day they gave the word it was coming!! Happy Growing to you! I had them at about 20in to start, by the time i got to flower they were about 10-12. The one in the pic was about 8in. After much reading and video watching, I agree they werent ready. I was hoping they were cause I went out of town for about a week and couldnt count on anyone to feed them. I tried before and came home to a plant that didnt get feed (theres only 4…) and 2 extremely wilted scotch bonnet pepper plants. Im starting an octopot grow with only 2 plants in the 3x3. Gonna change up a a couple thing but this is how it looks right now

Ive definitely brought way worse but unfortunately it doesnt compare to my normal…but it will soon here!! Just got a few more learning curves to get over. Thanks for the well wishes. I love my new hobby, especially since i dont have to look over my shoulder like back in the day!

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Hey all. Just stoppin in to show the progress on the girls. They are looking beautiful, Going to fill the squares then on to flower!! Cant Wait!!! These Octopots are the shit. I just added the SLF100 to the rez. Tried it on two other babies growing in 1 gallon pots, THEY LOVED IT!!! These easily grew 2-3in in the 24hrs since i added it to the nutrient top off.

After further review, I believe you were spot on. Ill definitely be letting the next batch go longer