Just curious, what's your kWh per month?


I think mine for August was 1317 on the bill


Let’s just say a lot…


:flushed:zoinks!! I’m running about $150.


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Lol I checked my kwh when I get bill. Then see how diff from last year


I’m afraid to see what it’s going to be especially with this hot summer in Florida my ac is always running.


My bills tend to be all over the map but no matter how legal you are or where you live I try to avoid getting close to $1,000 range because that seems to only make people start to get nosie …



That light bill is one of the main reasons I haven’t tried indoor yet. I keep thinking I will try it, but then you go and show that bill!! Lol

Ya gotta love a free light source!..


I run a 400 watt MH/HPS light with extractor fan and a small blade fan. With a window AC unit just for my grow room going 24/7 in the summer my bill only increased by 100/ month. That is tops cuz some months it’s only 30-50 higher than no grow room
Hope that helps.


I could handle an increase like that better than the bill above! My new bill just came and $220 is bad enough.

I’ve been considering a small solar panel hooked up to a trickle charger. Not sure that will be enough to provide what I need, but it should offset at least some of the cost.

Thanks for providing that information for me…


No problem glad to help. As a point of reference I only grow 1 or 2 plants at a time as I am just trying to be self sufficient


I’m running 2 tents with led lights, fans and dehumidifier. … wife was mad when the bill was over 200. Still cheaper than buying out in the street.


I’m in n fl and run 2 600 and 1 300 mars hydro leds 8 100 water cfls f I r lighting. 1 6" and 1 4" exhaust fans with 8" charcoal filters. 3 different fans for air circulation in room. Tapped in to central ac for temperature control. Light bill only went up $50-75 a month



I get mad when my bill hits $200! I couldn’t imagine having one that routinely hit $1000. The increase that you experienced isn’t that bad I guess, but still would hurt our budget with me not having steady work anymore.

I understand the cost is much less than buying my smoke. For that reason it would be worth it, but the sun is still free. For now anyway.:wink:

Thanks for sharing your pain. Lol