Just curious to what you guys think

I have a 3ftx3ftx6ft grow tent with 2 viparspectra 300w led, 2 300w marshydro led and 1 viparspectra 450w led. Have a full carbon filter set up and a 8inch intake fan and 2 desk fans in the tent. I guess I’m looking for people’s thoughts on my setup and what I should add or subtract

8” intake fan sounds extreme, what size is your exhaust fan? Seems like you went long way around for lights as well. For what you have invested in them you could probably have gotten into something that would’ve been a little more balanced. But you could be doing a lot worse.


Sounds to me you need to put your 8” fan and connect it to the filter inside the tent and you can then vent it out then

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That’s a very large fan for that size tent.
I’m using an 8” inline fan for my 5 X 5 tent.
A speed controller for that fan would assist in keeping the air flow a bit more reasonable for your size of tent. Many fans have one wired into the power cord.
If yours doesn’t you can find them on Amazon at a reasonable cost.

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I’m with @dbrn32 on intake sounds a little big fir you tent size you have just over 100 cubic feet in that tent
Your exhaust should pull about that amount of air and intake should be about 1/2 to 3/4 of the exhaust size I’m a commercial Hvac tech and know a bit about ventilation hahahah @nhstlnewbie


8" intake or exhaust? If your blowing air into that tent with an 8" intake and don’t have exhaust you better tie it down with something.

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