Just curious if adding molasses affects the pH of the tea/pH'ed water?

Is this something I should test for?

I have some pH’ed water stored up that I don’t want to put molasses in until I’m ready to use it on my plant. (I don’t want dechlorinated sugar water sitting around).

Maybe I’m overthinking this. First week and a half of my first grow and I’m thinking of things to do later in the grow. :smile:

Here’s my WWA at 11 days since I started the seed.

Gonna try and do a little LST on this thing (it’s my first) and they sure seem to grow slow at this stage. :smile:

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The water needs to be used immediately after ph’ing. Having it sit for some time will cause it to start to return to its previous ph.

I did not know that thanks for the info.

<----- New at this but i’m eager to learn.

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We’ve all been there. Last thing you do before giving the plants the solution is ph the solution.