Just checked Trichomes how much longer

Hi everyone,I just checked my trichomes this afternoon and it will be 8 weeks of flowering in 3 days,I just would like to know how much longer for cut and hang,I have supplied pictures of trichomes and they look clear just would like opinions on how much longer they have to go?I am going for a narcotic effect.Picture are through a jewelers loop to see trichomes stretch picture to make closer
and you should be able to see them.!
(Strains)Mowie Wowie,Gold Leaf
light Sf2000
seeds ILGM


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You’ll want to have plenty of amber among your trichomes. My eyes aren’t good enough to see your pic, but at 8 weeks I would guess you have a few weeks to go.

Keep in mind that you have a maui wowie, which is a sativa. Sativas can take a few weeks longer to mature than indicas.


You have a ways to go. No hurry a plant does what it does.


Just another opinion, yep wait for amber trichomes in a few weeks. That’s what’ll give you that narcotic, heavy couch lock feel.