Just brought some UVA grow lights

These should help next grow

Let me know what yous think


I use my T5 for seedling stage and love it


Nice man!
I used a HLG UVA bar with my first grow and the buds were super sticky! I grew seeds from the same strain, same order outdoors this past summer and they’re great, but the inside stuff was MUCH sticker and more resinous! I’m convinced!

Here’s a couple of pics I took when setting it up and checking the coverage with the main shut off.

I have no clue what the little light squiggles are! Cat hair? Lint? LOL! No clue!!

The positive experience with the UVA spurred me on to do more reading on lighting and I ran across Far Red lighting and The Emerson Effect.
I’ve still got to study up on the Emerson Effect but from everything I’ve been reading and what I’ve learned from people here on the site, I should be able to dial it in and get to harvest quicker and run an extra hour of full lighting. The Far Red can be a powerful and useful tool for growing weed!!
I won’t get the full effects this run as I’m already into flower, but hopefully I’ll see some of the supposed benefits
There are LED bulbs available that screw into a normal socket more or less and can be had pretty reasonably.
I’m a little stoned to get really in depth - I’d be here all night - but do some reading up on it man!
It’s right up your alley - all natural but from a bulb! LOL!

Hope it helps you out in your grows brother!!!


Do u only run the lights when flowering

Yeah - as far as the UVA. Still learning about the Far Red and it’s effects. It can aid in getting more stretch from a plant - i was thinking that could come in handy with indicas, but there are also stories of people not really applying it correctly and topping out of their space! LOL!
Far Red can be a powerful tool I’m discovering!
As I said - I got a lot of studying to do. But I got time. According to UPS tracking it’s 4000 miles away and apparently on a slow boat they’re dragging cross country with a mule train!! LOL!
UGG!! :rofl:

Yes, start your UV lights once flowering begins and throughout.
I also run some deep red 30 mins when lights flip on and and the last 30 mins before lights turn off during flowering.

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Have you experimented with the far red post lights out and the shortened dark period?

Nice set up man!!!

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Wow man thats looks amazing i have a grow light that does just red actually i have three that does just red

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Those lights i brought im goin to put one at each corner of the tent so the plants are serounded by UVA

Yes, during flowering they start up about 15 before lights on then 15 more after lights on. Then 15 before lights off then 15 after lights off. Still run grow lights 12x12.

Check out the Emerson Effect with far red

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Thats what i have i was goin to put that in with my this light

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This is my first time trying this technique.
I have used UVA before and find it dose have some nice results. Far more keef with UVA.

I also use the far red for germination then up to 2@4ft. T5 for veg and root expansion before they get placed in net pots for hydroponics in the big tent.

Nice bro i just use my grow panel for seedlings .my last grow the root system on that was full as the roots went right down to the bottom of the pot and right up to the top of the pot it filled the five gallon fabric pot

Photo red or Far Red. There’s a difference.

Here’s the HLG 60

Here’s the FGI Far Red


Now, in HLGs defense they don’t explicitly call that far red, because it’s photo-red. Far red is only barely visible by humans - it’s out of the spectrum range…or right at the edge more accurately.
They do sell a far red spot light type bulb but they don’t publish a spectrum chart.

I can’t wait to get it into the tent!!
Like I said, I won’t get the full effect until next run, but it’ll be there!


This the charts for my light

Yeah - the lights in the boards are photo reds. I was asking about your red only lights you mentioned.

You can see in the charts I posted how the photo red drops off where the far red is still ramping up.

I’m anxious to see if I can see it with the old eyes or how it shows up in pics.
Years ago i worked at a 1 hour photo lab and this guy came in with pics of a nuclear fuel rod cooling tank - we make those for submarines in my town - BTW - enjoy the subs!! LOL!
At any rate, the picture had this eerie blue glow and he said when you just looked into the tent(edit: DAMN! See what’s on my brain? I meant tank! LOL!) it was normal, no glow. I know that’s nuclear radiation, but technically - all light is radiation!

Is UV Light Important for Cannabis? - Valoya LED Grow Lights a look at this

I have been using hlgs far red propagator led bulb in my flower tent at 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after lights out. I stopped using it at lights on… To ensure my buds got bigger… Otherwise shortening the cycle too short, I felt wouldn’t leave enough time. I want as large aaannnddd frosty harvest as possible.

Anyway great results… Check out the “grove bags” thread I have pics posted there of some frosty nugs.