Just brought a 100watt UVA

So it turns out my last shopping spree when i got the uva 8watt lights it isnt good enough for my tent ,so i brought a 100watt uva supplement light for $35 on Amazon Australia this one will suit my needs this time . I cant wait to get it and put it in my tent and see the trichomes pack on the buds ,cause for what i have read and seen on YouTube i can expect really sticky buds i hope this light turns up in a week or so


I just can said lucky with 100w you can had some nice frosty bud
I run 150w some fullspectrum vivosun and not complaints, I go to move to 300w marsh to see if I can killed lmaoooo

I will have all up with my other two lights and this one i will have 550watts in total

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With all my lights and uva bars I am at about q100w total in a 4x7x8 room. And like just under 500w in the 2x4x5 tent

Im in a 2×2×6ft

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I have one of them going at my neighbors house to help him learn some. He is 75. We have 2x 135rspecs 1xhlg uva 30 and 1xhlg far red bulb in there. There is total about 4ppw in that tent just flipped to flower week and a half ago or so. Pics to follow later for u guys. Here is pics from 3 days ago tho

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Very nice indeed ,here is mine so far


Good Morning All. I am out of likes already this morning. So here ya go! :heart::heart::heart:

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It definitely seems to help, you’ll see frost coating and almost not even need a jewelers loop to see when the trichomes puff out on the ends!

@Aussie_autos looking good! I got a uva from HLG and UVB from California lightworks as recommended by hellraiser. I’ve heard some good things about uva and uvb and im also excited to get a flower run in with them