Just born and leaves turning yellow

Hi all! My first post here and I wish had something more positive to post. My Devil’s Fruit sprouted on 27 Oct and is now under 2 85W Blue CFL’s. On 10 Nov she got her first feeding of CANNA Terra Vega (3-1-4) at 25% dosage. I’m alternating feeding with watering (ph 6.5-7) every other day, meaning water-rest-feed-rest, etc. She’s also pretty dinky, only about 65mm. tall. I have her in potting soil with perlite for now. Any idea where the yellowing is coming from? I’m wondering it it’s the light spectrum that’s causing the poor growth and yellowing, although these lamps are supposedly specifically made for the veg period. Any suggestions are gratefully welcomed.

Repot her and give a hardy watering with water ph to 6.2

And i would like to welcome you to ilgm.

Thank you for the reply and the welcome! Think I might be overwatering? I’m not really letting the soil dry out much after one day. And should I maintain the 6.2 ph for the entire grow? Thanks again!

About 6.2 . And yes you are over watering here. I would still repot. And still flush with balanced water. Then let her go for like 4 days without watering.

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I did the same thing when mine were at that stage it is easy to over love them at first . So yes at what @Soilgrowth said and go to a least a one gallon pot with drainage holes also go to the main page and download the free grow bible and growers guide they have a bunch of helpful information and welcome to the community .

          P.S. You may want to hold off on feeding depending on what kind of soil your growing in . Something like Fox Farms ocean forest you wont really need to give any nutrients to your plant until your getting close to transitioning to the flowering stage

Thanks for all your help, you guys is great!

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You definitely feeding way to early in my opinion , they root system has develop yet could be the cause of yellowing , and ph should be 5.5-5.8 in my opinion .

Look’s like over watering… And if it was a seed it’s way to early for nutrients …


Thanks for all your help. Today I’ll repot in a bigger (3or 5 liter pot) pot in potting soil with perlite and just give her water for awhile without nutes.:wink:

Repotted, less water, no nutes and still the girl is suffering. My tap water is around ph7, is use Tetra (for fishtanks) pH Minus to bring the ph down to a more respectable 5-5.5. I than get a runoff of around 6. Question is, is this stuff usable for plants? I’ve looked in the larger garden shops (in Belgium) for something more suited for plants before I order online, but nada. Something is still not right with my girl.

You really need to fill out the support ticket that was given to you above. The more information you can provide, the more help you can get.

Your pH is too low at 5 - 5.5 you want 6.3 - 6.5, in that area

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I did, on another post I think about mites. In any case, their was no saving the poor girl and I yanked her. Still have a Jack (Jackie?) Herreur who seems to be doing fine, and just started a Strawberry Haze. Fingers crossed and hands off the watering can too frequently.

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