Just another grow journal from a rookie... Wish me luck

Ph is pretty low, if it was me I would water with 6.8ph water until the runoff came into range. Could take a few gallons. Once runoff ph came in range id look at the tds if the ppm of the runoff is bellow 1000 then id mix up a feed at 6.8ph and give the feed.

Tip: when watering/flushing to get the soil ph adjusted where you want it. 1) use dechlorinated tap water. This is basicly a soil flush and it is alot easier to get the soils ph adjusted with tap water.
2) water till runoff flows then let it drip until it stops dripping before running more water through, this makes for a more thurough leaching of whatever salts/nutrients are driving the soil ph down. Also let all runoff cease before adding the feed.
3) when pouring the feed into saturated soil, pour very slowly, the slower you input the feed, the more of the nutes will get picked up.

The low ph you are experiencing is locking out phos, and its prolly from the abundance of potassium. You might consider going to a feed, water, water, feed kinda schedule.

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Could this be a positive thing ? The last collection of runoff was almost 600ppm. I feed it slowly at 860 ppm. Could it be. That it picked up some and it was just hungry for it? Since the last four days have been water only due to ppm coming out at 1000.


After a few days with deficiencies due to my own stupidity. Things are going back to normal.

The reason I ran into problems was because I did not feed the plant during a span of 4 days. Due to ppm coming out high ( maybe salt build up at bottom ). So I did what @Docnraq suggested. Ran water thru it, till Ph was stable. Ran water till ph was coming out almost as high as it went it. After that I let her finish the runoff and feed slowly. Seems to have worked. Today water day, ph came out of runoff 6.3.

This is a small pot. She drinks a lot. To the point that when I check next day. The pot is light weight again. This soil was naked from the beginning. No seed starter. Absolutely nothing. It has given me a bit of trouble at every stage. As a seedling. As a veggie and now the flowering. All due to not enough nutrients. This was very bad. After four days of no feeding.

Learning from mistakes from the get go. By buying organic soil without the seed starter by espoma. Here she is today. Not 100%. But heading in the right direction.

Thanks to all for help. Hoping things improve. Before I open the window and toss het out of here with that stupid small pot and soil. :grinning:

Thats good.

Yeah small pots are labor intensive. I recommend 3-5 gallon for autoflowers and 5-10 gallon for photoperiod. When doing living soil you really want a 5 gallon minimum. Fabric or mesh too vs clay or plastic. I have some 3 gal mesh, with training rings, I won from a contest by @LiesGrows. Made by a company called Burn the Boats Agriculture (you can find em on amazon) that I highly recommend. They are better then my airpots even.

This is the way…

Dont do that, she looks very healthy for all your efforts.

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Thank you brother. I just got really upset when that happened. She still suffering a bit from it. Here is a close up look of bud sites. Starting to get frosty in there. Hope things get better and continue till harvest. Still ways to go.

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Greetings all. The situation is still happening. I know for sure now I’m having nute burn. And trying to fix that issue as well. I believe she got super loaded with the cultivation nation plus the open sesame ext ext ext. here she is.

Trying something completely different now. Yesterday ran a lot of water thru her. Today will do the same. Till there is nothing in there. Then I will feed her tomorrow. And go from there. I know her needs are different now. And this soil have given me nothing but problems. On the other hand. The one I got in ocean forest. Here she is after 24 days

Huge difference and not not ran into a single issue with her. I’m still hopeful the other one recovers from that deficiency. She seems pale.

You shouldnt wait to feed her after flushing the soil. When you flush the soil with alot of water you clear out all the nutes from the soil, you gotta put some back in right away otherwise the plant will start to use up its stores.
1st thought is has she had any nitrogen lately?
2nd thought. She is in a small plastic pot, you have a healthy one in a cloth pot. Maybe she is rootbound.

She doesnt look too bad at all really.
And a little nute burn on the tips is normal with FF. If your runoff tds is bellow like 1500 its not likely nute burn, if your feed solution is bellow 900 you wont burn unless you feed when it was un needed.
What was the last runoff and what was the last feed made up of and its ph and tds?

@Docnraq greetings. She have had nitrogen lately. Yesterday I flush her pretty good. Ppm came low. Ph was around 6.15. Runoff. I waited till finish dropping water and gave her some beastie blooms. Like 16 oz on top of saturated soil. Feed slowly. Was going t give her water today but pot seems a bit heavy to me. I can possibly be what you suggested. Root bound. I feel like yesterday feed was unnecessary.

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The thing that puzzle me is. That she looks green in some areas and light green in another areas. And I don’t know if the flowering stage causes this discolorations as the plant is 51 days today. A month since pistils showed up. So literally a month preflowering and flowering

This is the other one in the espoma soil. The midget. She is doing well. She is 45 days old. 14 days preflowering. She is the other one on the espoma soil. This one is on open sesame schedule. Doing better. Fabric pot. Even tho I notice a little deficiency like the other one. But it seems to have stopped.

Dont chase the ph so much, what do I mean by this… keep a record of your ph so you can track its trend, this allows you to know what to put your ph at next input. For me, if I am under 6.5 I water/feed at 6.8 if im over 6.5 I water/feed in at 6.5. The tds is the same its gonna fluxuate up and down track it so you can see what needs done next, and if anything is wrong. Id let her dry good before doing anything more, unless you left her with a low tds runoff like 500 or something. Then id feed and let her dry good.

As long as you put food in, your ph is good in and close to good coming out and she isnt curling up or wilting. Your good. The peramiters are wide, ph 5.8-6.8ph tds try to maintian a tds between 1000- 1200 even higher depending on the size of the plant. The only exception is FRESH SOIL. Take FFOF for example it comes in hot, like 2000+tds what size is the plastic pot again?

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Is like a gallon or a bit more. I left her yesterday with a ppm of around 575 And I feed 16 0z of liquid with a ppm of 940, after that ppm came out at that 575 point from all the water I gave her to flush whatever drives the ph down. Because I need to continue doing it. whatever is bringing that ph down is still there. At the beginning of run off yesterday ph was 5.7. Something keeps buffering it to that point. So I feed high ph. Like 7 feed for a while till ph came out 6.15 with the ppm at 575. Then feed like I mentioned above. At 940.

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@Docnraq good morning. After a water only schedule. Water ph going in 7.23. Run off at PH 6.21. ppm 782. Should I feed after finish dropping water ?

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I would.

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Yes. I did feed her today. To a small runoff. Ph came out good too.

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Doin great brother. Keep it up!

Greetings all. Another day another dollar and another discovery and a reckless decision.

This plant seems to have developed many issues. After close inspection I came to conclusion that the problem is a calcium deficiency.

Because I have corrected the ph issue I been feeding properly and she still have symptoms. So I did a little homework. Did a little searching and gave her some milk today. Yeap. Regular milk. 1 part milk 5 part water. Is either do or die with this grow. I have other seeds awaiting and soil ready. And two plants going full force. Even tho, I don’t know how long this plant has. After all she is 56 days old. And a month flowering. Is my first grow. Cut me some slack. :grinning:

@Docnraq I came to conclusion that this pot is causing me a lot of trouble. I got another plant in the same organic soil. This one is in a fabric pot.

. The ph comes out perfect out of this one. Don’t have that problem with ph coming out low. Only plant giving me problems is that Cuba libre and that plastic pot.

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We’ve had no issues with the Cuba one seems to like low feedings the other loves heavy feeds. I’d feed her some calmag maybe lighten on nutes. Probably got another 25 30 days to go